Body before and after baby

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  1. Okay, so this is really sad... I got my b bag box and tried to wear the handles over my shoulder and it wouldn't even fit. Like I know I'm not super skinny like nicole richie or anything but damn it sucks not to be able to wear it that way. Are the handles on the city the same size? does anyone know?
    Well the reason I started this thread is because their are a number of moms on here and I'd just like to get an opinion on this. After having my daughter I noticed that my arms are not what they used to be, I gained weight all over during pregnancy but lost most of it else where except in my upper arms. They seem to just stay big and are getting more muscular. I guess it might be from carrying around my 26 pounder everyday. Has this happened to anyone else?:cry:
    I'm starting a diet tommorrow, I'm going to try to lose this arm weight so I can wear certain bags over my arm and not have the fat be squishing out. Oh the joy of motherhood. ain't it grand. hahahah. Here is before and after photo. YOu can kinda get an idea of the size of my arm from the first photo

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  2. Which picture is the before and which is the after?!

    You look just as stunning in BOTH pictures and I can't tell the difference in your arms in either picture. Nice abs ;P

    btw you have a beautiful child!
  3. You look wonderful :love:
  4. Hey mellow yellow jenn, well you can't see my whole arm from the first photo because it's cut off, but trust me it's definetly bigger then before, you'll see when we do the cheesecake meet. I'll give you a size reference: when I wear a LV pochette, it almost doesn't fit. hahaha
    aww thanks Swedie. You do too and congrats on your wedding.
  5. KylieReese, you are definitely not arms, my butt, my stomach :sick: ! I had my child late in life, so the pregnancy just took its toll on my body. But, look at you!.... you look great and depending on what kind of birth you had...with a little exercise, your body should go back to its original state in no time and with added womanly curves ;) ! And look at your beautiful baby girl, it's all worth it!
  6. My dear, you look beautiful no matter what...
  7. You look good in both :biggrin:
  8. I think you look good on both pics. Don't worry too much about loosing weight straight after having a baby - it will take a while until you are back to normal (hormones etc). And dont't diet!!! Excercise is good, but dieting directly after having a baby, esp. if you are breastfeeding, might screw up your metabolism - give it some time to get back to normal before dieting.

    And carrying a baby around 24/7 surely gives you strong arms...
    but that is not permanent - once your darling gets older, that will change.
  9. Aww the size reference is cute! But I'll believe it when I see it ;)

    btw please tell me you're bringing your little darling to the meet? :nuts: If she goes missing, it wasn't me ;)
  10. You look fab in both photos. I thought after lugging two kids around that I'd have arms like Madonna. No such luck. I have foodoobada's (that's what we call the upper arm jiggly bit), and I think excercise is the way to go - for me, been going for a week now. They still jiggle *sigh*. Anyway, don't sweat it, you have a beautiful body and gorgeous daughter.
  11. You look great in both photos and your daughter is adorable. And if you're wanting more children, don't diet too hard.
  12. I was 125lbs and being 5'8" I was really thin. I gained a lot of weight while pregnant and was pushing the 180 mark in my 9th month. After having the baby I imediatly dropped to 160 and stayed there for a while. A year and 1 month later I'm thinning out but still at 150. I still notice that my arms are bigger, my hips are a lot wider, and I finally have a butt (I've always had flat butt). I've been dieting and I can start riding my bike again once it warms up. My goal is to lose 15 more lbs and to keep my butt.
  13. First of all, you look great in both photos and your little one is adorable! I am going through the same thing. I had my first baby last June and for me it all boils down to two words: muffin top! I had a flat stomach before pregnancy, and packed on the weight during pregnancy- I was obsessed with three cheese olgas and chocolate! :love:
    Needless to say, 8 months after having my baby, I am still battling my way to get my body back, but these damn love handles are really stubborn! The only thing that is really helping at all is not dieting (which is really slow for some reason) but working out - walking and pilates. Oh, that and chasing my little boy around everywhere now that he is crawling!
  14. Don't get me stomach has still not gone back in's like a deflated balloon....
    Now my husband has been talking/ thinking of a second child; he's out of his mind.
  15. You look goregous, I wouldn't worry if I were you. But of course we tend to scruntinise and be extra harsh to our own selves. I am not a mother yet, but I have the same problem after being on pills which is a bit before I got married. I got off pills for more than half a year now, and just notice the extra has "started" to go, but wouldn't make it on time for the summer. So how do you loose on those stubborn areas tricep, inner thights, tummy etc???