Boden Breton tops

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  1. Anyone familiar with these? I got my order today, which contained two of these, both size 16. They fit pretty well at this size. But since they're 100% cotton, I am a little anxious they might shrink. I am also concerned that if I exchange for the 18, they'll be gigantic, and will require shrinkage.

    I don't typically toss my clothes in the drier other than briefly to dewrinkle on extra low...but I don't know if that's enough to shrink a cotton top.

  2. I have two and both have actually stretched from being worn rather than shrunk in the wash. I'm not a huge fan and probably wouldn't buy one again, but maybe they'll work out for you. :smile:
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    I think you will be fine. Especially if you wash them and line dry. Their stuff is pretty well made and holds up. I have a few things that have held up for about 7 years.

    Plus, Boden has excellent customer service. I also buy boden for my kids and they allowed me to exchange two items; considering the washed items as defective because they shrank. After the first wash I called them to buy the items in a larger size. CS asked me why since I already purchased the items. I mentioned I loved the items and wanted them in a larger size because they had shrunk after I washed them. They insisted they take them back and sent me a new item in larger size, instead of me giving them more of my money.
  4. Boden do have really good customer support.
    I had one of their breton stripe tops and it was lovely thick material but slightly too big for me so I never ended up wearing it - ended up consigning it.
  5. EXCELLENT. Ill stick with this size. I went with white with navy and navy with white. I know, I live dangerously.