Bocce Owners

  1. hahahah that's a new one... I like it very much~ :p I'll have to start saying it :yes:

    I'm going INSANE. There's a Metropark nearby me (I'm in college right now, just moved in) but I've no idea how to get there!! JDKGFDKGDFKGJ!
  2. TokiLoca: CONGRATS!!!! i hope u luv ur bocce :smile: post pics when u get it... It's small enough to even put in a bigger bag if u wanted to... and it's big enough to carry on its own!
  3. you guys are a bad influence! i want a bocce sooo bad now!!
    i want a tiny going out purse!
    but which print?!:sneaky::graucho:
  4. Thanks everyone!! :yahoo:
  5.'ll love it! Actually the IPOD girl is the back of the bocce, but i like to consider it the front since it has better placement..and here is the never-before seen back (actual front) shot...also the sides, underneath and also the front/back? again!

    i love it just as much as the front or is it the know what i mean...:roflmfao:

    love that adios and weeine roasting guy! plus 2 ipod girls!
  6. You guys are so funny!! :jammin::jammin::jammin: I'm great!

    Congrats TokiLoca on your new bocce...can't wait to see it :graucho:
    DancingNancies :love: your foresta Bocce!! Totally adorable!!!

    DJR - :love: your inferno bocce. I :heart: the giant weenie roaster! So so so so cute!! I wish I could use a bocce!
  7. djr - LOL!! :roflmfao: I was just trying to be obnoxious!! You didn't have to take pics of every inch of the Bocce (but I'm glad you did ). :graucho:

    Ahh, so cute!! I love that Super Adios on the back (or is it the front :nuts:?)!! He's my fave on the whole print, aside from the iPod girl by the oven!! You got a whole lotta cute characters for a mini bag!! Congrats!! :amuse:

    Mystery Solved!:p
  8. Oh, yeah and :jammin: LOL!!
  9. :lol::lol: @ :jammin:

    And we want to see pics of every inch of your bocce when you get it :graucho:

    I'm almost tempted to buy one but since the ciao is too small for me I know for sure the bocce is way too small. I've seen what fits in it but I'd feel like a monster carrying it. I have a complex about small bags :sad: I'm jealous of everyone who can carry a bocce b/c they are ADORABLE! :drool:

  10. i didn't mind posting the pictures..i already had them saved on my computer. Sharing is Caring!:tup:

    yup as small as it is i :heart: my bocce!