Bocce Owners

  1. What do you use your Bocce bags for? I'm curious as they are a bit small and I know I won't fit all of my stuff in one. I would like to get an Inferno Bocce from the outlets if I can find a use for it.
  2. i own a INFERNO BOCCE and i :heart: it. It may be small but i can fit quite a bit inside. I can fit my digi cam, denaro, pen and cell phone. I use it for work so I can carry it and not worry about it being bulky. It's also great for a night out, for just you wallet, phone and some makeup.
    and yes, i assure you it fits! :yes:
  3. Ooh, I have a foresta bocce, and I use it when I want to look cute and not carry a zillion things around~ Mine fits my cards, keys, cellphone, a compact mirror... and it still has room left for other things~ Totally worth the purchase... I :heart: mine :yes:
  4. No way the bocce fits all this stuff :amazed: A denaro fits in the bocce? :shocked:
  5. When I first received my denaro I actually thought it was kinda big. I really MUST be used to small little bags!:weird:
  6. I have never seem a bocce IRL. I can't believe it fits so much stuffs.

    djr0658 - yours is super cute with the pink ipod girl. I love her. I think she would make a cute couple with the blue hair rocker guy from paradiso. hehehe.
  7. I use my bocce at Disneyland and I used it recently on a trip to NYC. It's nice when you just want to carry your cell phone and cash/credit cards. I've never tried to fit a denaro inside though. I use the open inside pocket to put my cash and credit cards then stick my cell phone and keys in the main part of the bag.
  8. It's kinda like an angioletto but instead of a strap it has handles? :confused1: And I guess it's also bigger esp. if it can fit a denaro in it :wtf:
  9. lol, yup it really does. i know it's hard to believe. well the trick is, you put it in the long way and when it's in turn it the wide way (does that make sense) but it really does fit...even with my digi-cam and cell phone and a few other stuff...hehe, here is some pictures.
  10. :amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed:

  11. :roflmfao:..i know. amazing isn't it. wheni bought the bocce on eBay, i never imagined it was that when i got it i was bummed and wanted to sell it, but when i experimented with it, i found out that i actually :heart: it!
  12. I still can't believe it!! Do you have a super small cell phone? :confused1: I can't even see my lip gloss fitting in there!! :lol:

  13. lol, i think you gloss will fit because I can fit a pen along with my lip gloss. I have a RAZR phone so it's kinda big, plus i have a coach cell strap with 3 charms.
  14. :jammin:I am just shocked I cannot believe all that stuff fits!! I have a razr too and that giant phone is too big to fit barely fits in the pocket on the ciao :cursing: As long as I can fit my gloss that's all that really matters!
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I just see that jammin smiley on my post...what theeeeeeeee....and why is he there? :confused1::lol::lol: