bocce lovers: how often do you use your bag?

  1. silly question, maybe, but i'm intrigued with this little bag, and i wonder how functional it is considering its tiny size. where do you all carry it? how much can you fit into it? inquiring minds want to know! :graucho:
  2. I use mine all of the time!! I really don't carry much around with me at all... so a bocce is perfect, and it looks really cute, too!! :p I usually put all of my cards into the little pocket that's supposed to be for your phone... and then my phone and keys just go into the main compartment.
  3. I have an arancia bocce, but I only use it when I go to Disney. It's easy for me to wrap around my wrist for rides and it's small enough to stick in a larger purse when I am not running around an amusement park.

    I've heard of some people using them as wallets too because the denaros are too small for some people.
  4. i use mine inside bigger bags and also by itself ;) i think they are adorable!
  5. yup, me too. Its usually inside another bag, but I also use it when I just need basics. right now it has credit cards, cell, keys, gum, toki mirror, travel brush ( those little round ones that pop out from sephora) ect ect