Boca Raton Saks LV store Mirror Pouchette

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  1. I was doing some christmas shopping tonight at Saks in Boca and they have the gold mirror pouchette in the case. Just incase someone is still looking for one..
    Good luck
  2. I saw silver and gold pouchette in LV Palo Alto, Ca. today.
  3. i want one, but i'm too far away
    but thanks for the info
  4. Great info gals :smile:
  5. seems a lot of lv stores have the mirror pochette still available. I wish it wasn't so flat.
  6. ^ not feeling the flatness either...
  7. I wish it was less flat too, I kind of wish it was more of a boxy shape, like the Lexington. Oh well!
  8. Thanks for the info on the gold!

    Caesars in Vegas also had a silver! :yes:
  9. Oooh, I would love a gold one. Thanks! :nuts:

    How much are these, BTW?
  10. ^ $ 565 I believe. I would love a gold one too!
  11. $525 USD, $565 CAD
  12. I would love a gold one too!
  13. i think boxy would be funy looking. but i dont know... have you seen twinkle tinks post about how much the pochette can hold???
  14. Sure did :yes:
    I'm fine with the flatness, if it were a little thicker, then I can use it more often probably as an every day. But, this silver pochette will be left for special functions and dates with the boyfriend!
  15. There is a gold and silver at Saks LV in New Orleans!