Boca Raton Saks is having a champagne event!

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  1. My sa just invited me (says my invitation is in the mail) to the event they are having Thurday May 31st in the Saks fifth ave Louis installation store in Boca raton florida! Anyone want to meet me there?

    Wear your tpf charm/keyrings and lets meet eachother!

    I was told we would look at some new stuff and drink champagne. Um, that sounds pretty good to me!

    love ya ladies!
  2. That sounds fun :smile: Have a great time !
  3. sounds so fun. new stuff, how cool.
  4. Sounds like fun! Have a good time and let us know what you see.
  5. Boca.....champagne....LV........all the makings of a perfect evening. I am jealous!
  6. hey there boston lady (im from springfield), if you could get your butt to florida, we could go do some damage there! i think the pf'ers should take over one louis store and give them a day to remember!
  7. Dude, no way! We are leaving for the keys on Tuesday, otherwise I would have joined you photo!
  8. Sounds fun! Have a great time!
  9. I hope you do some major damage at the LV Saks --- lots and lots of LV (oh, and champagne, too.) Have a terrific time! Give us a full report when you get back!
  10. Enjoy!Enjoy! Enjoy!
  11. Hey Shaun I just got your PM on the subject- will do my very best to make it there! I have work 8-5 that day but will see if I can sneak out a lil early!:P
  12. You will have a great time. Congrats!!
  13. what time? i work in the mall, from 12:45 til closing that day!!! i will meet you guys............we will obsess and have fun! i will be carrying my new Dentelle lace Speedy in silver..................

    oh how nice! Holy Hologram!

  14. Nice and have fun ladies
  15. They have a Vuitton in Saks?!!!?!?!?!!

    Too bad I have exams on Thursday, or I'd meet you there.
    .... uhm, well, I wish ;)
    Cause I can't drink.
    (Under 21)
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