Boca Raton Meet

  1. Lets do it.

    Most of the Louis Lovers here are also Coach lovers.
    If we hit the Boca mall we can hit ALL the stores in addition to Louis. Come on ladies.....

    lets get it together. it will be fun! first ladies to say yes have a drink on me......
  2. I would love to live near Boca:love: I got a bag sent from there...
  3. I wanna come! :smile:

    Gah - Florida is just about as far as you can get from me and still be in the same country. :sad: Boo!
  4. I talked with my SA Andy from the LV boutique in Boca Town Center and he said we could have a get together there with champagne, crackers, and a GREAT LV experience!! Let's do it!! :drinkup:
  5. I know Andy too.. he is the sweetest! I would love to be included.. I live in FT Lauderdale and Boca Town Center is not far at all for me.... I would love to meet other people that share my bag obsession
  6. I am in WPB, but would definately come to the Town Center. I have Tuesdays and Thursdays free?
  7. Any updates? I'd love to meet! I was just at the Boca boutique and bought a bag right before the increase. But, I could always swing a few slgs or maybe another bandeau.....:graucho:
  8. I just talked to Andy and I think anytime in March would be awesome!! Let's all get on the same page and make the date!! I'm not happy about the increase either, but I am hooked!! LOL
    I live a few miles from Town Center so it's easy for me to get there..
  9. Sounds great! I'm going to set aside some money right now....:graucho:
  10. We're having lots of company this month, but I'm gonna try to make it!! Keep me posted when you come up with a date!
  11. I would love to join I live in miami so boca isn't to far...what usually goes on at the tpf meets??
  12. My SAs are Vita and Rafael! They are so nice!
  13. Where were you guys when I was living in Boynton Beach 5 years ago!!!
    Sounds like fun!!
  14. I lived in Boynton Beach from 1996-2005!!! Maybe we just missed each other....:hugs:
  15. I'm a newbie and already LOVE this site. I live in WPB, and was just in Boca Town Center on sunday....picked up a new Idylle. It would be great to meet some fellow LV enthusiasts. Sounds like a blast!!!