Boca High End Consignment Shop has Amazng Chanels

  1. Ladies, one of the very best Consignment Shops in Boca Raton, Serendipity, never ever takes in any designer item that isnt very high end and authentic. if they have any doubt (which they rarely do because all of their consignors are wealthy women with the funds and taste to buy the best and they consign their bags after one season or sometimes less lol), Serendipity calls Chanel or LV or Gucci for authentication. The SAs do this for Lisa (the owner) because she is so well known down here and has a unique relationship with the designer boutiques. Her store outfitted the Sex and the City cast for a few episodes at one point in time, in Chanel jackets and some other lines. Anyway, I was in there today (I have been a customer for years) and here is what Lisa has in Chanel purses, and the approx. prices as I remember them:

    1, mini caviar flap, gold h/w $600
    2. medium/large navy lambskin classic flap, can't remember hardware color, APPROX. $13-1400. Tis bag, unusually, has a slight problem inside one area of the inside pocket...but at approx. $500-$600 less than the price hike has it,..............
    3. LARGE CLOUDY BUNDLE in black, very new (in fact, the tag was on either this one or the next one I will describe) If I didnt have 3 black Chanels already, the Cloudy would be now in my closet bonding with her other sisters. she wants $1700 for it....i told her to go $1600. How much is the Cloudy Bundle anyway? This one was north/south, and a big tote with the chain interwoven through the shoulder straps. (silver h/w) Gorgeous!
    4. Black Ligne Cambon tote shoulder bag with big white CC sideways, $1400, perfect condition, pink interior. I think that this one had tag still on it.
    5. classic black diamond stitch medium size flap (but bigger than the "regular" medium one - may have been a few years old, but gorgeous. in the vicinity of $900

    Amazing deals, the phone no. is (561) 338-0656. If you call, please say claudia told you about the store (I told Lisa today that I would be telling my PF sisters about her store...) I don't get a discount or anything, its just so nice that she knows I am passing along info about her fab store.

    And, if I may promote other labels here :p there is plenty of LV, a Burberry tote on sale for $110, Gucci (killer floral Grace Kelly scarf one with hot pink background), Prada, etc etc.....she sells out quick!

    Mods, please forgive me if I gave too much info on other lines :wondering wasn't sure of rules...
    happily submitted,
    Claudia lol :girlsigh:
  2. It's all Sweets! I'll move this to the Chanel Shopping sub though ;)
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the info!
  4. wow! cloudy bundle is a steal at that price. have the exact same one and paid 2450 ( or thereabouts) for it. SOMEONE BETTER GRAB IT!!!
  5. thanks Swanky dear! and where was the So. fla. Chanel get-together posted? i am so lame when it comes to this forum lol :shame:
  6. Ooh... I'm thinking I might have to go to Florida for my next vacation... :love:
  7. Woah! Sounds like a great store!
  8. wow sounds real goooood ... does she do overseas/online? eBay? Paypal?
  9. Serendipity has great stuff and they are are soooo nice in there!

    Purse-onality.....I read you were at the chanel trunk show the other day too...maybe we know each other!!!!
  10. The Cloudy Bundle tote does not have interwoven chain on the handles so I think you saw the Vintage Ligne tote which is equally as nice! It retails for $1995. I would love to own this bag someday.
  11. Purse-onality, you are DA BOMB! I am phoning now and hopefully there will be something left. :heart:
  12. did you call?
    whats in stock.. i just called but i think closed already
  13. wow ill have to check this place out when I visit next week!!!
  14. Wow! Wish i lived there!