Bobby & Whitney livin' the high life! LOL!

  1. Posted Aug 9th 2007 11:59AM by TMZ Staff

    TMZ has exclusively obtained a picture of reunited train wreck, puffy-eyed ex couple Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, taken on Tuesday at Joe's Crab Shack in Alpharetta, GA. Hell to the no!
    Joe's Crab Shack told TMZ that Whitney and Bobby "sat at table 103 and had a good time." From the look of this pic, crabs aren't the only thing that may have been stoned!

    Since finalizing their divorce in April, Bobby has been spotted hanging out with music video ho Superhead, while Whitney's been linked with Kim K sex video ho Ray J. Nice to see they're trading up!

    Today is Whitney's birthday. She's a smokin' hot 44-year-old!
  2. please say they are not getting back together.
  3. Ack. Just say NO! LOL @ Joes Crab Shack. I went to one once and felt so dirty.
  4. Oh Whitney...

    what a waste.
  5. isn't this WHOLE event such a trainwreck!?
    Joes AND Bobby and Whitney w/ eyes half shut. . . .what else could go wrong!?

    Oh, I guess it'd be worse if she were carrying a counterfeit bag!:laugh
  6. Oh

    Train wreck.
  7. Oh no. I was really hoping she'd get her act back together.
  8. Hope they're not back together... She was such a beautiful, talented woman, who now looks like a train wreck thanks to a stupid guy like this.
  9. that man will be the death of her
  10. For one moment in time, at the Carosel Ball, she looked like she could make it back from the brink....I still wish it can be true...
  11. lol, oh crap, i've BEEN TO THAT CRAB SHACK! it's near where i grew up.
  12. OMG, they're back together again!
  13. It's a relationship doomed for failure. I hope they're not back together.
  14. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had dinner together on Tuesday night – but that doesn't mean the former husband and wife are getting back together.

    Patrons at Joe's Crab Shack in Alpharetta, Ga., were surprised when Brown and Houston – who divorced in April – showed up together.

    Sitting at a table near the window and dressed casually, the couple – whose photograph was obtained by – appeared to be engaged in pleasant conversation during their seafood and salad dinners. They even posed together for pictures with autograph seekers.

    "They did eat here," the restaurant's general manager, David Evans, confirms to PEOPLE, "and they seemed to enjoy their meal."

    Although in May Brown, 38, sued Houston, 44, for spousal support, child support and shared custody, a source close to the two says that the former couple have remained close. In February, they also shared a dinner, for the sake of daughter Bobbi Kristina, 14.

    "They're still on good terms," says a relative of Brown's. "They don't hate each other."

    Just don't expect a reconciliation anytime soon. "[Getting back together] is the furthest thing from their mind," says the family member. "That's just not in the cards. They've got a history together, so they've got a lot to talk about. It's as simple as that."
  15. Say it ain't so