Bobby Fischer has died

  1. Just coming in on the news wire, don't have a story to link to. Apparently former US chess champion Bobby Fischer has died in Finland at the age of 64.
  2. He died in Iceland. They said he has been sick for quite some time.

    He was so controversial, but such a genius.
  3. He was clearly a very troubled man for a very long time, but he did amazing things for the game and he was a genius. I hope he is remembered for what he once was and might have been instead of for what he became.
  4. We organized a department chess tournament recently and were talking about Bobby Fischer - none of us knew where he was.
  5. RIP Bobby
  6. He said the US deserved 9/11 & he hated jews.
    Think I'll pass on this one. lol
  7. Before I knew what a jerk he was, he's the reason I learned to play chess. My brothers and I would have compatitions.

    I read at one point no country wanted him til Iceland spoke up. But he was a Grand Master at the age of 16... it must be horrible to reach your peak at such a young age.
  8. ...and his Mother was Jewish, if the bio I read is correct...

    Speedy's right...guess poor Iceland drew the short straw to take him in.