Bobby Deen--Paula Deen's son...

  1. I am harboring a major crush on Bobby Deen. He's adorable and still single. I find that so hard to believe. Anyone else out there as obsessed as I am???
  2. Do you have any pictures of him?
  3. He strikes me as gay....
  4. yea he does doesnt he! ive always thought he had gay tendencies...
  5. Which one is he? The youngest or the oldest? The younger one has a cute face.

    I watch Food Network all the time and see they have their own show. Riding Mom's coat-tails, much?! LOL!
  6. He's the younger one. I've wondered about him being gay as well. Let me see if I can find a pic.
  7. i :heart: both of the Deen their mom's restaurant in Savannah is soooooo yummy.

    i saw Paula's other sun driving around historic savannah in a range rover...he's pretty yummy, too, but married.
  8. I think hes gay too.
  9. LOL We watch it just for the fun of hearing them say in unison "And our mama's Pawlah Deeeeeeeeen!"
  10. LOL!! Or "bro" or "are you ready brotha? I'm ready brotha."