Bobby Brown

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  1. Radio queen Wendy Williams revealed yesterday that Karrine "Superhead" Steffans is rumoured to be pregnant with Bobby Brown's lovechild!

    Anyone see a new and even crazier season of 'Being Bobby Brown?' in the works? Oh, I think so! With Karrine's pathetic need to be in the spotlight and Bobby's expensive drug habit(s), it seems this opportunity is exactly what they need to feed their addictions. Between appointments to the pediatrician and their dealer, it's sure to be the most highly rated season yet.[​IMG]
  2. May I ask who Karrine Steffans is? Is she an actress?
  3. Nickname is Superhead (think about it) She is what is known in the business as a "video ho"
  4. Oh the drama!! Good Lord!! lol
  5. is that true. how could she be so stupid?
  6. He apparently told her he'd had a vasectomy. His life is a train wreck. I feel sorry for his kids (how many now?).:sad:
  7. sad to say, it wouldn't surprise me.
  8. Since I don't know what a "Superhead" is to begin with, the nickname would not have helped me. But now I get it, thanks! ;)

  9. :sneaky: It would be my new guilty pleasure.:sneaky:
  10. brown is Whitney's soon 2 be ex husband? :wtf:
  11. yIKES!
  12. :yucky: ew!
  13. ms steffans is a pornstar/video ho :censor: sucker a jack of all trades if you will
  14. omg, now i have heard it all
  15. she wrote a HILARIOUS must-read "autobiography" which is actually just a description of all the famous rappers/athletes/pop stars she's banged. SHe was with Bobby B a few years ago too when he was still married. It's all in the book. She tattles on Usher, Ray-j, P Diddy, Shaq, Fred Durst, Jay-Z, ETC