Bobby Brown Shimmerbricks... anyone use em?

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  1. Does any use them? I strongly recomend them. They give you a natural enhanced look. From the bronzing one (which I use and which I LOVE), the peach one(that one is really good too), and the blush one which I have never used. Their really good!
  2. I own the bronze, rose, and beige. For me, they have too much sparkle and make me look like a disco ball, even with a light application. I prefer a glow, no sparklies for this girl. ;)
  3. This is one of my favorite products by Bobbi. I own most of them: Brownie, Pink, Rose, Peony, and Beige. My current favorite is the Peony!
  4. I don't care for them...they make my pores look bigger than they are!
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