bobbie brown liquid eyeliner

  1. ok.. now thanks to all you wonderful ladies i have succumbed to the temptation and gone out and purchased the bobiie brown graphite ink eyeliner that everyone talks about. now she gave me a lil brush with that i bought its like a round tip brush ... how do i apply it. i did the normal way sweeoing my lashes but its not that black nor is it on properlly i dont think

    any tips would be useful thanks
  2. I use the eyeliner brush to apply the gel eye liner. I just smear some on the brush then rub it on tissue and apply a thin line. Always keep a cotton swab handy in case your hand went oops, which can happen the first few times. Once it dries, you need makeup remover to remove it.
  3. does it last a really long time?? i n oticed its not very balck do i keep layering it/
  4. You bought granite, that is a dark gray color. I use that for a more natural look. There is also black which is true black. It lasts me pretty long time. If I apply in the morning, I have stayed up until the next AM with it LOL, but since I have oily eyelids it smears a little no matter what I use / do. I have this issue with mascara too. Maybe you can check out the black?
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