Bobbi Brown vs Estee Lauder Foundation

  1. I´ve heard that Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder is the same company.

    Maybe all you know about this and i look like an ignorant :smile:

    I would like to know which colour of Estee Lauder foundation is closer to Bobbi Brown Warm Sand Oil free

    I get mad on and would like to buy on line.

    Any advice??
    Thank you!
  2. They're owned by the same company (Estee Lauder Company) but do have the same types of products/colors. Estee Lauder is huuuuge and owns a lot of different brands including MAC, Aveda, Clinique, Stila, Origins, Prescriptives, etc.

    It would probably be best to go to a counter and have some colors tested on you- The colors/forumlas may wear differently on your skin.
  3. Thank you chinadoll724.
    I think Bobbi Brown Warm Sand is perfect for me just would like to try the "same" in Estee Lauder and buy it on line.Don´t have much time