Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

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  1. I have dark under eye circles and seemingly it's due to loss of volume in this area, the skin is closer to the bone and this causes my kind of dark circles.

    I have tried a few products before but they either had little coverage or just looked too thick on the skin and wore badly.

    This new product from Bobbi Brown is exceptional. I'm not going to claim that my dark circles are completely eradicated but I can seriously say that it's the best coverage I have ever had. The formula is practically invisible on yet does a great job and lasts most of the day.

    I'm quite pale, pink toned with blueish circles and the colour I purchased is LIGHT BISQUE 2.
  2. Thanks for the review. I also have dark circles under the eyes but I think mine is due to not getting enough sleep. Is this product a type of concealer or is it more like a serum? What is the consistency i.e. liquid, cream or gel? Might have to go check this out.
  3. I think if you get the right shade it should cover really just about anything. It is like a concealer and brightener all in one and the consistency is quite thin and it comes in the same tube as their lip gloss. I found this out when I actually tried to put it on my lips by mistake....:lol:

    There are many positives in buying from Bobbi Brown - if you register for an online account and put up a photo, they have advisors to assist with colour choices and suitability. If the product does not work, is the wrong shade or you react to it you can return it for a full refund.