Bobbi Brown Skin care????

  1. I'm thinking of changing my skin care regime from Pavonia to Bobbi Brown and was wondering if anyone on the PF uses or has used it....I'd love to know what you think about it...

    As I get older my skin gets dryer so I need something very emoliant -

    help :flowers:
  2. Yes I've tried and still use some of the products-- but I have oily skin-- I don't know about the heavier stuff but I LOVE the toner!!!
  3. Bobbi has a line called Extra that was created for extra dry skin. It is very emollient.
  4. i used the yellow daily moisturizer with the spf. i found it really really expensive for a fairly average moisturizer.

    i've heard good things about the balm and heavy moisturizer though. they're in the "extra" skincare line.
  5. I use the yellow moisturizer in the winter and I use the one in the white bottle in the summer. My skin is so funny. I also alternate with moisturizers from the SkinCeuticals line.
  6. Shopmom -
    I recently made the switch from La Mer to Bobbi Brown. I was a little concerned at first since I had used La Mer for the past 5 years. The first few days with Bobbi Brown, my skin felt a little dry. I think it was used to the richness of the La Mer. My skin has finally adjusted and it looks really good. I use the nightime cream, the moisurizer with spf and the hydrating eye balm. I also use her sunscreen, called something like 'beaches' for the face. On a side note, I also use their foundation and concealer, which I like really well. Overall, I would recommend giving it a try.
  7. my skin is extremely combination, and i've found that the bobbi brown spf 25 brightening moisturizer is the only thing that moisturizes my cheeks and chin enough without making my t-zone oily. it's kind of expensive, but if it work, it works! that's the only product of hers that i've used, but i've been quite pleased with it.