Bobbi Brown SA Recommendations in NYC?

  1. Hey Ladies... I am currently on a hunt for new foundation and am looking to try out BB because I've heard they have a good selection of yellow-based colors for Asian skintones. I've had some pretty bad experience with pushy SA's in the past and was wondering if anyone here has recommendations on Bobbi Brown SA's to help me find the right foundation shade. Thanks in advance!
  2. I can't recommend a specific person but, Bobbi Brown sales associates are not suppose to be pushy. I would just look for some one whos style and makeup you like. don't ever feel pressured to buy something just because they've helped you. if your unsure about something have them write the shade and product on their business card tell them you want to wear it for the day and if you like you'll be sure to make sure they get credit for the sale. mentioning credit is a good way to get a pushy sales associate off your back.