Bobbi Brown recommendations

  1. I am going for a BB makeover at a small boutique in town at the same time I'm getting my eyebrows done by the Anastasia salon.
    I am a sucker at these kinds of events, so I want to go in with some resolve beforehand on what I'm going to buy.
    The makeover is free, but I always feel as if I should buy a few items, and I am paying for the eyebrow shaping. I saw online that Anastasia sells a kit for $125 or something like that.
    So, my question is:
    1. What would you buy from BB? I have their brushes (love), some eyeshadows, foundation (OK), sample of her face base (like but still undecided).
    2. Would you buy the eyebrow kit?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. That is SO smart! If if helps, there are two products I love:
    1. Longwear gel liner (it comes in a little round tub) It has great staying power, but does have a tendency to dry out.

    2. Shimnmer brick Compact( I think its called) for face and eyes.

    Those are my favorites
    . Oh I also love their make up brush cleaner if you need any of that!
    Have fun!
  3. Oh, I didn't think about the cleaner! Good deal. Never heard of the gel liner, is it a liner or helps the liner stay in place? Thanks!
  4. PM elongreach, she LOVES bobbi brown and will have GREAT suggestions.

    I personally really like the gel eyelines, the creamy concealers and all the shimmerbricks. I have not seen the eyebrow kit. Again, elongreach, probably has and could give you an opinion!

    I love makeovers! You will have so much fun. I got my wedding make up from BB. They did a great job!

  5. :lol: Where there's Bobbi, there's me!

    I say have fun with it and don't get too pressured by the SA. Just get what you REALLY love and get samples of the other stuff. I think the Shimmerbricks are awesome AND they're multipurpose. Plus, you can never go wrong with her gel liners and cream eyeshadows. I think everyone else has summed it up.:yes:
  6. Thanks gals for taking the time out to help me. I'll let you know. I trust my gals at TPF and will look at what you suggested. ~hugs~
  7. There is a new eye brightening product that is a bit messy to put on but works great! Also, check out the beach fragrance line - I love the lotion, body wash and perfume spray. :smile: Gel eyeliners are the best also - they don't come off!
  8. I tried that eye brightening stuff last week. It works really well. My MA said that it's like a really light concealor. Sorta along the lines of a tinted moisturizer. I think I'm going to get some soon.
  9. Thanks cougess. I buy everything that is scented like the beach - house cleaners, candles, etc. Reminds me of my summers at the Jersey Shore.
  10. I am so embaressed - my entire Make-up collection is Bobbi!

    I def have some favs, tho. I adore everything but listed the items I have found I can't live wthout.

    1. Face Base: I have dry skin, and this glides on, no tugging to apply. I use an older chanel foundation brush to apply it, it's very pampering every morning! Wonderful under makeup.

    **all time fav Bobbi item
    2. Foundation Balm: from her new balm line, this makes my face glow and provides sheer coverage where I need it! This stuff is so natural people tell me how "fresh faced" and perfectly complected I am - when I'm wearing it!!

    3. Gel Eyeliner: the gals on here are right, this stuff is wonderful. Mine came with a kit and now I can't live without it. I use it sparingly and my DH just stares at my eyes and I can tell he loves the way it looks.

    4. Cream Blush: I just tap my finger on it and tap it to the back of my cheekbones then blend. 5 seconds, flawless look.

    Her other stuff... lipstick palettes, neutral eye pallettes, all that stuff is wonderfully ccomplimentary on any woman who doesn't want glitter, bright pigmented colour, or reflective lipgloss. It's staples, and all fabulous! :yahoo:
  11. I agree with everyone else that you should try gel eyeliners! They are great, probably the best eyeliner I've ever used!:heart:
    I also like the eyeshadows and lipglosses. To be honest, all the BB products I've tried are really good, I've never been dissapointed..
  12. Definitely the Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. I use it everyday! I also like her lipglosses and the Shimmerbricks. Her makeup is really natural, which I love. I got a makeover there a few months ago and walked away with $250 worth of makeup. I am back into my Bare Minerals obsession though, so I don't use as much Bobbi as I did.
  13. I use the shimmer brick too.....I dont use the gel eyeliner as it always dries out too fast on me.I use the choc brown eyeshadow..wet..Dipped with a flat brush as an eyeliner..Very natural
  14. Angelfish:
    I didn't see that. Is this it?

    I bought brightening water
    light bisque corrector
    warm beige concealer
    Apricot blush for pop
    lip balm
    nude lipstick
    Beach spray sunblock
    Beige foundation stick
    Cream shadow in aqua (I know, but it looked really nice)
    I have other eye shadows that will work.
    Thanks for everyone's help. I think I kept it under control.
    I lucked out. I had the best gal. They are out of the Fort Worth NM but work directly for BB.