Bobbi Brown makeup?

  1. I decided to try the Bobbi Brown make up for foundation, concealer, and corrector. I really like the way the corrector and concealer make my eyes look alot brighter. It can be a little cakey though if I don't blend it well. Any one have experience with these? Like them? Don't like them?
    I'm just starting to venture away from the typical Estee Lauder, Lancome, etc since we finally got a new mall with a store that offers Bobbi Brown, MAC and Chanel!!! :smile: I've only gotten the foundation stuff from BB so far.
  2. I've never tried any concealer from them, but I wear her make-up all the time, I love it. Congrats on the store in the mall, we have Chanel, but no MAC or Bobbi Brown in the mall closest to me.
  3. I've been wanting to try out Bobbi Brown concealer for the circles under my eyes. Would you recommend it? I havent tried any of her products though.
  4. The gel eyeliner ROCKS!! :smile:
  5. I just got it last night, and so far I like it. I'm still getting used to wearing something this creamy, but it looks really nice and smooth to me.
  6. I know! I tried it on, but didn't get it. I just got the foundation basics and will add a piece here and there. I really liked the lipstick and gloss too. :smile:
  7. LOVE Bobbi Brown! I highly recommend the gel eyeliners, cream eyeshadows, palettes (love the colors), and I really like the eye cream, concealer, and foundation as well!
  8. Yay!!! I'm so glad to hear that you guys like the foundation. I was having buyer's remorse already! I was a spur of the moment purchase. I should stay away from the mall when the girls are at soccer practice and I have 2 hours to kill. I usually sit and watch or walk aroudn the complex, but I just wanted to go window shop yesterday and walked out $150 poorer. BB was just the first SA to get a hold of me...
  9. i love the gel eyeliner but it took me a while to find a good brush to use with it. i also love the lipglosses, really gloopy and shiney and nice natural shades. i cant believe benefits lipgloss colors, why would anyone want blue lips?
  10. love BB Shimmer bricks
  11. Try putting on some eye cream before using the corrector and concealer. I just bought some and have been very pleased.
  12. I think so too.
  13. I used to wear all Bobbi Brown but Chanel foundation and powder works much better for me.

    I still like: Concealer, Lipsticsk, eyeliner, makeup brushes

    Do NOT care for: Foundation, Powder (not finely milled enough for me), eyeshadows (dark colors can be messy/flaky on me, light colors don't have enough life to them.)
  14. I really like BB shimmer brick. I'm not a fan of BB concealer because it makes my face more oily.
  15. i love the gel eyeliner!