Bobbi Brown makeup vs. chanel

  1. Does anyone have an opinion on switching to Bobbi Brown makeup from Chanel, specifically for eye makeup (including shadows, liners, etc) and lip products (lipstick, liners, gloss, etc)? It is the gold shimmer eye makeup and brown shades at Bobbi Brown which look appealing to me. I have always loved Chanel make up but I am getting tired of it.
  2. I haven't used either of the products, but I think you should try it out. At the store of course. If you like it, I would go for it. There's always room for eyeshadow. :lol:
  3. bobbi brown makeup has excellent quality. the look is very subdued, natural, and classic. chanel has very pigmented bright colors. IMO, i prefer bobbi brown products
  4. I used to use BB all the time, but I stopped because the eyeshadows were not lasting at all. They are very sudued....almost to a point that they don't show up.
  5. I have both chanel and BB eyeshadows and chanels e/s's are excellent. BB's fade quickly and that's a huge disappointment considering the price.
  6. My friend used to work at Nordstrum's forever in the make-up section and is now in their administrative offices. She said some of the makeup companies are owned by the same people: Estee Lauder, B. Brown. I like Chanel better than B. Brown, but I am a HUGE fan of her make-up brushes. That is what she recommended.
  7. I went for a little make-up lesson prior to my wedding at the Bobbi Brown counter. I was SO impressed by the products that I switched totally over from Lancome and have been faithful since.
    The same Co may own several brands but it doesn't mean they all use the same maunfacturing facilities and ingredients. I have a feeling Bobbi still oversees or approves most anything w/ her name on it.

    I'm going to try some Chanel at theNM Beauty Event this Fri. . . but I can't say anything negative about BB, it's been fantastic for me for over 7 years.
  8. I would buy BB's make-up brushes....I bought the set in the leather container for $230 about five years ago. They are in the same condition they were in when I bought them. They are fab. I also use her eye shadow.
  9. I use both BB and Chanel, so you can definitely use both. BB makeup brushes are the best! A little pricey, but worth it. I love BB tinted moisturizer, but don't like their foundations. Chanel, on the other hand, has the most amazing foundations! I like both of their lip and eye products, so if you see a color you like, try it!:yes:
  10. I love both.

    BB: gel liner, Brick compact
    Chanel: lipgloss, blush, nail polish
  11. I don't have much of Chanel. It's expensive and the things I have bought, I wasn't thrilled with. I bought a nice lipgloss and it leaked out of the tube early on.

    I have several BB eyeshadows and I really like them. They're more subtle. I like them because I don't like a lot of sparkle and shimmer. Also, since I am 48, I think it's good for my eyes. It doesn't accentuate the wrinkles.

    These days, I'm all into buying what is "good" for me.