Bobbi Brown Lovers Thread: Post Questions, Codes, & Purchases!!!

  1. Since the lovely annual Bobbi Brown F&F event is over (sob), I thought it might be fun to start up a regular thread for all of the BB makeup, skin care,and fragrance fans in this sub-forum.

    Please use this tread to ask questions about BB products, post your purchases (pics are very welcome), and let others know about any of the great coupon special offer codes for BB that you find!!

    Let the fun begin... :biggrin:
  2. I am a recent BB convert. I can't believe I've waited this long to try these products! I started a few months back with the Chrome Pallete and gel eyeliner in Granite Ink and ultra-fine liner brush. Granite is the perfect "black without the harshness" black. I was sold right there. I've always used high-end products, but never truly found a line I loved. I'm now in the process of replacing my items with BB items.

    Recently I purchased the mini-face pallete that has the corrector, concealer, foundation stick, and yellow powder. I was really floored by the corrector and concealer--like a magic wand. Also bought another gel eyeliner in Black Plum, Pot Rouge in Powder Pink, and the Long-Wear eyemakeup remover.

    Just wish I lived near a counter. I'm dying to try the tinted moisturizer, but need to get matched.
  3. Great idea! I have more BB than anything else!
  4. Mini Rich Colour Gloss in Pink Buff and free shipping with any order through 12/13/2009 with code GIFT12.
  5. a few recent BB purchases... :smile:

    chrome beauty kit (great for travel), lip tint trio (loved last years set too), gel liners in graphite shimmer and indigo ink (gwp), mini shimmer brick in nectar, shimmer brick in nude, eyeshadows in copper penny (gwp) and bronzed pink (gwp), apricot blush and after years of using the gel liner, I finally bought the ultra fine brush for it. :p
  6. Question: I have the shimmer brick in Beige and have been using it as a highlighter. Should it be a bronzer? I'm fairly light toned- Asian.

    Could anyone recommend a good highlighter and a good bronzer from Bobbi Brown?
  7. Oohhhh, love this thread. I'm a huge fan of BB's shimmer brick in pink and her correctors/concealers. I'm very pale, and I find her shades to be flattering. I also love her lip pencil in Brownie Pink.
  8. Nice haul, sweetart!!

    And would have to say that you have my fave avatar in TPF. (My little white doggie's name is Mico, btw!) ;)

    You will def. love the apricot's my #1 BB blush color. I like the fact that BB changed the packaging on that product. The fact that you had to unscrew instead of simply flip the top of the blush up before was my only complaint about it. And graphite shimmer is my fave gel liner color. I want to try graphite to compare, though.

    I got my latest BB haul today...will post pics ASAP!!

    And thanks for the code, Bridget. :tup:
  9. I have been wanting to try BB in a looong time...
    So I thought I would ask you ladies, what are some great products to start with? :smile:
  10. ^^I started with a cream shadow, I think it was Beach Honey. But my favorite is Heather.

    Also, everyone loves the shimmerbricks! It took me a while to get one, but now I can't live without it! I use it as a highlighter, it's the perfect finishing touch!
  11. Although I adore the corrector and concealer, I would say the gel eyeliner would be a good starting point. There is NO tugging or "drag" across the eyelid and it is bullet-proof. I put it on at 5:30 am and it is still perfect after working all day and teaching a spinning class. It is there even after the rest of my makeup abandons my face. Stays put until I remove it. HTH and Good Luck ;)
  12. If you don't have a HG foundation, then give theirs a try. It's what turned me onto BB in the first place, it's outstanding! Second the gel liners, they are fabulous, I did spend the $25 to get the ultra fine liner brush and it's well, well worth it. Just know that they recently changed it and it's finer now, so it really lays down a fine line, it's more pointed/ tapered, unlike the older brush. Acually all of their makeup has been amazing, from liner to shadow, blush. I'm not super keen on their skin products, but others love them, so it's just my wonky skin!
  13. Any reviews for the Basics Eye Palette and Basics Lip Palette? :smile:
  14. I haven't used those specifically, but have used their other shadows and lipglosses and they have all been very high quality. The website also gives an unconditional guarantee, so if you don't like it, you would be out return postage.
  15. Thanks for starting the thread Loquita! I'm taking pics today. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure out how to up load with my new camera. I having a feeling I will be using some swear words!