Bobbi Brown GOLD collection for fall

  1. I :heart: :heart: :heart: this! Neiman Marcus has a special edition kit for $100, and the rest of the gold collection will be available through Bobbi Brown in September. I can't wait!
    BB Gold Fall Kit.jpg BBGold.jpg
  2. Pretty! I love that shimmerbrick.
  3. I can't wait to try the shimmerbrick!!
  4. I agree - that shimmerbrick looks TDF!
  5. :yahoo:My friend talked me into getting the Bare Escentuals Peacock Collection yesterday, and I absolutely love it! It really opens up my deepset eyes, and my skin looks really good! Best of all, I don't look overly made up. I look "natural," but better. :wlae:Love this stuff!
  6. For any drug-store beauty queens...has anyone checked out that product that comes in the click pen where you can put droplets onto the tip of your eyelashes and it becomes like a crystal?? There's a few different colors. It's not on their website but I saw it at Duane Reade and it's part of the collection.

    I was about to pick it up but just wanted to see if someone tried it. But I did pick up the Midnight Swirl Lip Lustre in Cranberry (or something) and it's really nice. It's not sticky but it's really gives that gloss look to your lips.
  7. I saw this and I was wondering about it also.
  8. I wondered about that too. Looks cute. I saw this while buying the sugar sugar lip topping.....I took it back - doesn't work, gritty, almost instantly dissapears after you apply.
  9. what is it?
  10. has anyone tried the just bitten lip stain?

  11. Really?? I was going to get that! I figured it would be like sritty and make my lips dry and feel like sand. But that ad with the pink sparkly lips looks so good! I do like the Lip Lustre gloss. Anyone try the lipstick?
  12. Yeah - the ad is misleading. That stuff was $14. I have $2 lip gloss that does waaaay better.
  13. Well Back to topic - the eyelash sparkles look really fun for dress up. I think its a liquid probably the consistancy of glue that dries to form "sparkletts" on your eye lashes...
  14. Ticklemethu- It something for the tips of your eyelash. Like it comes in a little click pen then and I'm guessing you squeeze a little on the tip of your eyelash and when it dries it should look shine like a little crystal or it drys like a crystal (????). I have no idea, that's what I figured when I saw it at the store. I've seen this same product by another company which just isn't coming to mind yet.

    I got that $5.00 off your purchase with my Duane Reade card so I think I'm going to try it. Just wanted to know if anyone else did yet. Although the colors from collection do look good.
  15. I recently saw the new MAC line inspired by Barbie doll colors.. and was wondering what everyone else thought.. I personally liked the collection. I have found it really hard to find a good line of hot pinks, and these don't look bad at all! :heart:

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