Bobbi Brown Foundation

  1. Has anyone used the foundation from Bobbi Brown? If yes, what kind of coverage does it offer?
  2. Yes, I use Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation spf15. It is a very light foundation, meaning that it doesn't cover much instead it just evens out my skin tone.
  3. I use the compact foundation and it has the best coverage without being cakey or too "think"

    I should stick to tinted moisturizers or light fluid foundation but I can't!! I can manage to find things that I couldn't find with the compact foundation
  4. I have tried the BB foundation stick and HATED it. It was too sheer and I could not 'layer' it no matter how I tried. It also wore off very quickly.
  5. i used the stick foundation, tinted moisturizer and oil free compact foundation a couple of years ago.

    the stick foundation was awesome for taking with you for midday touch could use it as concealer really easily but it wasn't cakey. the oil free one was really drying to me but i also don't have oily skin. it was buildable coverage and wore ok...i rarely needed touchups. the tinted moisturizer is AMAZING. i loved it. but all three caused breakouts when i wore them skin HATES foundation.

    i also have issues with bobbi brown and her yellow philosophy...i cannot find a color match in her line. i appreciate that most foundations are too pink or orange, but there is such thing as too yellow too. i always look jaundiced because i truely am cool toned. :smile:
  6. I have used the compact and oil-free, they are my full coverage foundations, with my bare minerals being my everyday foundation. I love BB cosmetics, very good quality!
  7. I might get slammed for this, but I read and read and read about BB and was psyched about it and bought it. I thought it smelled like Desitin.
  8. ewwie
  9. I heard really good things about this and got it however I have to say it did not do me any justice - my OH hated it and said it aged me about 10 years!!! On the other hand my friend swears by it and looks immaculate!!:smile:
  10. Her foundations are definately yellow in tone......really nice if you are asian or african-american and have problems finding the right shade.

    If you have problem skin and are looking for coverage....your best bet is find a foundation that matches your complexion just to even out your skin tone, and then get concealer (like Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage) and dab over the trouble spots, then apply a transluscent loose powder for setting in purposes....and ta da!! Sorry to ramble but before I had my baby I was a makeup artist... :smile:
  11. The coverage is fairly light for the foundation stick and the moisture rich liquid foundation. I agree with Chloe, they are not good for layering, the texture is a little cake-y. For full coverage, I would recommend MAC's Studio Tech. It is not cake-y and can be layered.