Bobbi Brown for Wedding???

  1. I just found out that my Smashbox artist at Nordstrom is being promoted, and leaving town 9 days before my wedding! She has referred me to a Bobbi Brown artist, who is supposedly good. I've never used BB before, and am always willing to try new makeup (!) but since it's an important day, I'm worried. We are going to do a practice app next week, so that will help, but my DF will be gone, my mom won't be in town yet, etc. to give me opinions after I'm done! I'm thinking of having the artist take pictures afterwards so I can email them to my mom for her opinion, I'll be able to look at them and see if I still like the look a couple of days later.

    I'm a fair skinned redhead. My dress is a blush color. Does anyone have opinions for dos/don'ts with BB makeup, colors, etc? I'd love to hear it!

    I'm nervous about it because the last time I had a different artist do my makeup I came out looking like a Latina hooker (right down to the dark brown/almost black very dramatic eyebrows on my white skin with red hair). I can tell by watching that the MAC girls/guys are too dramatic for me. I'll want something soft, subtle, elegant, sexy, that STAYS!

    Also, I'm curious about false eyelashes. Does anyone have good/bad opinions about them for wedding photos???

  2. Ooh, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I really don't have that many suggestions for BB, but I know that if you want a subtle, natural gorgeous look for your wedding, BB and Laura Mercier and Trish McEvoy are going to be great options -- they're all about accentuating your natural features!
  3. you're going to be happy w/ bobbi brown. here colors and style are perfect for a wedding.
  4. bobbi brown goes hand in hand with natural wedding make up there is no way you end up looking like a hooker. I do suggest if you have the time go through a magazine and pull out and bring looks you really love that way she'll have an idea of what you love. congratulations!!!
  5. feel free to pm if you have any questions I've worked as a bobbi artist for the past year
  6. try them on first to make sure your comfortable in them. they do look nice in photos but comfort is important especially on your day.
  7. ^^^^ Thanks!!! I'm going in on Tuesday evening for a practice run. The wedding isn't for a few weeks, so I'm sure we'll get it right! I've been reading on other threads about BB gel liner, and can't wait to try it!
  8. I LOVE BB gel liner!!! :love: It totally rocks!

    BB eyeshadows are good as well... very good at making a neutral eye... and the blushes are pigmented and smooth.

    Foundation for ME was a different story... it was hard for me to find a color match and it turned/oxidized into a darker color... just make sure that your skin is exfolliated and moisturized before you get your test run...

    And take LOTS of pics of your face w/ your neck in the lighting that will be used on your wedding day, ie. outside, inside, etc... make sure the foundation does NOT have sunscreen in it b/c your face will have a whitish cast on it in the pics...

    Best of luck on your special day! ENJOY!!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  9. Thanks for the advice! My skin is fair fair fair, so I always use moisturizer and Bare Escentuals with spf. But it's an evening wedding, so I'll be ok without!
  10. I used all Bobbi Brown products for my wedding. I got married in Europe so I had to do it myself, but I worked online with a BB makeup artist and she took all my info, coloring etc and choose all the products for me to use. I bought everything and have to say I was thrilled with how my makeup came out!
  11. I'd do my own makeup in exchange for a European wedding! :smile:

    I'm very excited to try BB, and thrilled to know that so many women love it. Can't wait to see!
  12. I agree that you will be safe with BB. She is known for her natural looking makeup. Your already beautiful features will just be enhanced, and you will look wonderful!
  13. You will love BB. Very natural, and if you got a referral, I would go with it.