Bobbi Brown eye creams

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  1. I got a sample of the Hydrating eye cream the other day with my concealer and really liked it--I want to order a full jar but I'm concerned about it being too heavy for me. Heavy eye creams cause me to get milia--I had that issue with the MaryKay eye creams--they also have the Extra eye balm which you are supposed to use at night--since my skin under my eye is thin and dry, I need some type of cream to help this area. Plus if I order both I get free shipping, lol! Any opinions? TIA!

  2. I like their Hydrating eye cream. Hydrating without being oily, smells decent and not overly empowering, and works beautifully.

    I don't use the Extra balm 'cos I'm only 18, and it'll probably be too rich for me.
  3. Thank you--I'm going to order it. I need to see more opinions of the Extra eye balm so perhaps I'll check out to see if anyone likes it or not!


    p.s. ahhh, to be 18 again!!! :jammin:
  4. I use the hydrating eye cream during the day and the eye balm at night - love both of them! And I am also prone to milia when my eye treatments are too rich.
  5. Thank you, I shall be ordering! :P

  6. Good choice - I use the hydrating eye cream every morning and love it. It makes my undereye concealor go on much more smoothly. Then I set both with Mineral Veil, and put my powder foundation over it. I think you'll like it. Keep us posted on the eye balm if you order that - I haven't tried it, but am unimpressed with my current night eye treatment, so I'm up for something new!
  7. I love her eye creams her hydrating is nice and light but still moisturizing.
    when you use the extra eye balm a little goes a looong way. just a little on your middle or ring fingers rub them together to warm the balm just a little then press onto your under eyes. its wonderful:love: I have a tendency when I use it to pack it on becuase I love the feel and look of my under eyes in the morning.

    they are both marvelous I love her skin care enjoy!