Bobbi Brown beach

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  1. So I changed my summer perfume from Jo Malone scents to Bobbi Brown Beach. I have used this before. I love it. I bought the body lotion, scrub, shimmer gel and oil. It's nice having a bit of a change for summer. I will always love all my Jo Malone scents but now want to feel like I am at the beach every day of the week.;) Anyone else using this????
  2. I had a bottle of Beach but I didn't like it and gave it away. I really wanted to love it too. Glad you like it!!
  3. I love it! I had a bottle last summer and went through it all, haha
  4. I love the "sand" bar, it's so cute and a decent exfoliator.
  5. I use Bobbi Brown Beach all the time! I am on my third bottle...:heart: it!

    I also love her Almost Bare and Bath perfumes...Bath is my fave, with Beach a close second. It's the coolest summer perfume, and the price is great.

    PS: I also love Jo Malone's and I clearly have the same taste!
  6. I liked it for the first few minutes, but didn't want to keep smelling like suntan lotion. I got tired of smelling like sunblock and wanted the scent to evolve into something more interesting.

    It's very popular so you are not alone in liking it though!
  7. I have the lotion and i love it, it lingers all day. My daughter however, comes in the room after I've used it and says it stinks.
  8. I love the Beach scent, just like old-school Coppertone suntan lotion. It instantly transports me back to summertime when I was a kid.
  9. I like Bobbi Brown Bath better than Beach. It has that 'fresh out of the shower' smell :smile:

  10. One of my all-time faves! I like the light lotion that and soap that go with it, too -- they help the scent last longer, since it's so light. I like this perfume much better than the Clean brand, which smells very artificial to me.
  11. I used bath, I liked it it's very fresh and clean. Beach was a little to strong for me and I still haven't tried almost bare.
  12. I wanted a Beach scent for so long - this was a top 2 contender. But, the perfume smells like suntan lotion. Though I didn't mind, I know other people did.

    What I did instead was make myself a Beach scented soap - it's in my shower right now, and I can get that Beach kick every day!
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    Almost Bare is IMO the lightest fragrance of Bobbi Brown''s nice and clear, just like the others, and definitely more of a traditional perfume vs. Bath or Beach. :smile:

    You'll probably like it, if you found Beach too strong. :smile:
  14. Hmm...I have actually not tried the lotion and soap yet. I might try it next time if that helps the scent stay longer. I am about to get my 3rd bottle. Thanks for the tip!;)
  15. yes, i love it. I also have the bar soap(with the sand on it) and body lotion.