1. What's your favorite boba drink?
  2. yummm...mine would have to be the thai tea :heart:
  3. plain ol' milk tea =)
  4. i like strawberry banana :tender:
  5. Honeydew. But it gives me the nastiest burps for some reason.
  6. :yes::yes: ditto
  7. mocha!
  8. :shame: I don't really like boba..
    But I love having mango stars with my jasmine green tea!
  9. Taro black milk tea.

    But I do love the 珍珠奶茶 (milk black tea) ! :biggrin:
  10. Lychee milk tea with coconut jelly or honey green tea with grass jelly.
  11. Almond!! Mocha (Japanese Green Tea) is good too!
  12. boba GREEN milk tea (instead of the usual red tea, they use green tea)!!
  13. just the regular pearl milk tea, i have tried others but the regular one is the best.
  14. i usually get strawberry but only if they use real fruits. i hate it when they only use syrup!
  15. yummm... i have several favorites: avocado; jasmine ice tea; and mocha