Bob Ellis Sale - Mulberry etc.

  1. I don't think this has been posted yet, but I just received an email from Bob Ellis Shoes that they have marked down handbags. Check out their "sale" category at They have LOTS of Mulberry bags, as well as Celine and Botkier. Happy shopping!:smile:
  2. Cool! Thanks for sharing....

    Seeing his website, the photo of his shop, makes me miss Charleston!
  3. They have a MINT Boogie Bag! :love: I have bought two bags this week, and I am tapped out. Maybe this sale will run for another three weeks? Thanks for the link!
  4. thanks for sharing.. luckily for me, they dont have anything i like right now.. lol.. (good for my checkbook).. hehehe
  5. Has anyone ordered from here before?
  6. I have and they are pretty nice. They only have a two week return window though and the other thing was that a SA got snarky with me when I requested the tracking number on the package. But other than that, they are nice people.
  7. That ivory Transat Boogie is calling my name!
  8. I have ordered from them too. They are pretty nice. I'm wondering are the prices as marked on the website because some of the prices still look like they are regular price.
  9. wow they have a bottega veneta cocker for $1,335.00. I love it but its too small for me. 13x7x7

  10. I did but I did all of my transactions over the phone as opposed to the website because it kept timing out on me. The SAs were really knowledgeable and helpful and I recommend them to anyone. I bought two things-Lilac City and a pair of shoes
  11. HarlemCutie--The Balenciagas are on sale too?
  12. OMG! Tht's a beautiful bag, purse freak!
  13. no regular price for motorcycle bags but I think they had a weekender on sale, not sure what color though.