Bob Ellis carries Bettys

  1. Bob Ellis in Charleston has Chloe bags on sale. And he has two mediums left- one camel and one ivory. Each one is $675.

    And someone please respond. I am trying to break in to this forum- but it seems as if most people are ignoring my posts.:cry:
  2. thanks Maxxx, i love the betty, some one snatch these up!
  3. oh and welcome!
  4. Well you have 7 posts so far, so don't give up! Welcome!!
  5. Wow, that's a great price!! Welcome maxx!!
  6. Wow....I wonder why Bettys are going on such big sales around the country? I personally don't like the Betty but to have such a huge discount on them is mind boggling....especially since plenty of ladies DO love Bettys....
  7. I really wanted the Betty but unfortunately I could not buy both the betty and the paddy so I chose the paddy.
  8. I just bought 2 Bett's or I would be all over it. Thanks for posting.
  9. Welcome, Maxx! I don't think anyone is intentionally ignoring you. Thanks for posting! I love the Betty!
  10. thanks so much for posting the info!
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