Boarskin Borough

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  1. I purchased the Mini Bar Stripe Borough and simply loved it. I knew that I was going to get a medium one as well but wasn't sure what color. I purchased the grey and white but then when I saw how my mini was marking on the glove tan leather, I thought it might be wise to get the boarskin in navy/white. While I love the look of it, the boarskin smells. I have been airing it out for over two weeks and now the room smells. Has anyone else experienced this?? Just looking for feedback. Do love the bag but not sure I can live with the smell.

  2. My first one smelled...I returned it for another with the same but far lesser smell. I checked four bags in the store, all of them had the same smell. Must be some kind of chemical treatment on the bag. Airing it out outside helped take it away, not totally gone but you really have to inhale the bag to smell it. Still hoping it fades completely, too soon to tell. I love the bag and don't want to give it up. My new one is much better, you may want to exchange if yours is bad?
  3. Thank goodness you posted this, as I have had the exact same issue with my navy/white boarskin borough and thought I might be going crazy. I even brought the bag into two different Coach boutiques for confirmation, but nobody else smelled it. My boyfriend, who has been very patient regarding my recent Coach addiction, even mentioned that "it stinks." I have never had a bag that smelled this way before, and though I have been trying to air it out also, it hasn't gotten much better. While I love the look of this particular borough, combined with the fact that it seems more durable plus has feet, I think it might have to go back. :sad:
  4. This bag isn't actually boarskin, it's boarskin embossed cowhide so it's probably due to the processing and dye. My Legacy drawstring tote has a terrible smell and after airing it out and using it for 3 weeks, it's only gotten slightly better, but it only cost $80 so I won't return it. For the price of a Borough though, it would definitely go back.
  5. I was in Coach today, and I smelled it for you. Lol.

    Yeah, it has a chemical fragrance. And I'm not a fan of the boar skin finish. But if you must, get the Bright Mandarin (in smooth, probably glove tanned leather) with the white boar skin color block Borough. That one smells like leather :smile:
  6. You think that smells bad; be sure to never pick up a barskin Borough!

    Barump bump!
  7. I looked at this one too but opted for a different borough instead. I didn't care for the finish and it did have a strange smell. Never noticed a smell with my other boroughs.
  8. I purchased one and had to return it. It had a very strong skunky chemical smell. I had it in my bedroom for two weeks and I couldn't stand it. It smelled too bad to take a chance that it would eventually go away. I brought it back and the SA told me it smelled like leather LOL! :yucky:
    I love the smell of leather and that's what my other Boroughs smell like!:smile:

  9. Seriously, SAs make me feel crazy sometimes. My Madison hobo started ripping and having severe color loss after a week. I took it to a boutique 4 times as it kept getting worse and they're like oh no it's fine it's just the lighting in here.

    Finally a giant white spot showed up after the bag had been stored in a dust bag and Coach box for a month so I took it to the flagship boutique in my area. I didn't have a chance to point out the flaws before the manager was like OMG what happened?! Why did you keep this so long?!
  10. Yes I decided today that it had to go back. It truly killed me to do it but the odor was too much. It is probably due to the processing of the leather. I snot a picky person either. The fact that it had trimmer lines, was durable, had feet and how much I love the look of the bag design made this decision extremely difficult! I love the Coach brand so I know there will be more to come. In fact just today I saw the woven tote in navy/white that is just amazing, I wish you luck. Keep me posted.
  11. What kind of markings are you talking about? Do you have pics? I just ordered the mini bar stripe with grey, black and white stripes and now I'm worried :sad:
  12. :lolots:

  13. You might want to try another at the store...I returned my first one but a subsequent attempt worked well and there is no smell at all now. It is a beautiful bag, worth the effort!
  14. Fortunately, mine did not have any kind of odor! I love my boarskin borough! Like classicshopper said, it really is a beautiful bag & u should give it another try, if u really love it. Here's a random shot of mine....

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  15. Awesome picture!!!