Boardwalk Empire

  1. Who's watching ??
  2. Me... and I'm completely lost! :huh:

    But I'm gonna stick with it because I was the same way with True Blood in the beginning.
  3. Lol I will give it some time
  4. Ok, it picked up like halfway through. I'll give it another go next week.
  5. Me too. I'll have to re-watch.
  6. I am interested...might help to read the bios on was hard to follow...I re-watched
  7. Nope, won't be watching. I woke up while it was starting. soon as I saw the "New Orleans Jazz Band" in Black face, that was enough for me.

    There is enough racism in the world without me haveing to watch it on a weekly basis on my tv shows.
  8. I'm recording it & will watch it later. It has a good pedigree so I'm hopeful for another great series.
  9. I like it so far. Good period references.
  10. I have it taped on the DVR...
  11. I was blown away by the first episode. They've been hyping this show for like a year now, so it was going to have to be excellent to meet my expectations, and it exceeded them. Love this show.
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    I really like it too. Steve Buscemi is a great actor and really can do no wrong.

    But I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE Michael Pitt. I've loved him since Hedwig.


  13. I was so looking forward to this show! Watched it last night and loved it!
  14. ^re: blackface......weren't they trying to keep it historically accurate? It's a sad fact that black people were not allowed in many places to even perfom during that time.
  15. ^Yes, it was historically accurate. It doesn't make it okay ethically, it's just how the times were. Even women weren't allowed to vote yet, (which I find offensive as well) so they are trying to be accurate.