Board moving slooooow?

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  1. Is it just me or are other people having this problem? The board is crawling for me all morning and I am not having this problem with any other websites, thanks
  2. Not for me... I'll have Vlad check things though
  3. Another member contacted me and said she can't log in. I have mine set to stay logged in.
  4. No troubles here . . .
  5. It's been slow for me too. I've been getting "page not responding" every now and then.
  6. So far so good this morning.
  7. same here
  8. I thought it was just my computer. I closed everything else I had open and even restarted my computer. It is better but still slow
  9. I'm having this problem on my PC at work, browser Internet Explorer. It is soooooooo slow! I don't have any problems at home on my iMac.

    Halp! :cry:
  10. Everything good on our end, Nat.
  11. Thanks for checking, Vlad. I've cleared cookies, cache, restarted, etc. and I don't have any problems with other websites :shrugs:

    I hope this time my reply gets through, because when I hit the reply button earlier I got a database error message.
  12. Still happening Nat? Nothing slow here or other complaints... that is weird
  13. I had it last night and signed off it irritated me so.
    I'm on Safari on my MacBook. It was just taking forever to load around 11 PM CST and sometimes I'd get the database error.
  14. It's slow here the last couple of days with Chorme, sometimes it just loads the top of the page. This status/message shows: Waiting for
  15. Yes Megs, I'm at work right now and it is still happening. It says 'waiting for all the time and pages are taking forever to load.

    Can't perform my mod duties because of this during the day, I'm afraid. Sorry about that!