Bo Schembechler Passed Away

  1. For any University of Michigan fans, you know that Bo is a legend! He just passed away from heart complications, the day before the biggest game of the season- U of M v. Ohio state.

    This is a really sad day for us Wolverines. :crybaby:MY heart goes out to his family!
  2. I just found out that he was at U of M yesterday giving the team one of his famous motivational pep talks for the big game this Saturday, and was not feeling well then. The team is in Ohio now, and poor guys had to find out there. it is so sad.
  3. I just heard too! It's all over the news :cry: VERY sad especially before the Ohio State game. The local news said that he was in the studio going to film is BIG TEN special which he does every Friday before the U of M games on Saturday and he collapsed in the tv studio. Very sad. My prayers and thoughts go out to his fam & friends. & umich football--- play tomororw's game for BO!
  4. Actually, I may have been misinformed. Not sure if the team is already there, but I cannot imagine how they must feel right now. I really hope that they bring home a win for bo! That would be the best tribute to Bo!
  5. :sad: may he rest in peace
  6. Im so sorry to hear of this sad news Jillybean:crybaby: I sure it will be a great loss to the team.
  7. My husband saw him just last night; he was sitting at the next table in a local restaurant, and seemed as happy and healthy as ever.

    This comes on the heels of Bo's dentist (who was also one of his 70s-era Michigan quarterbacks) dying of leukemia at age 54 earlier in the week. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for Lloyd Carr's pre-game pep talk tomorrow.
  8. Bo was a great coach. The Ohio State news/etc is talking about it too- but someone said something that was kind of nice in its own way... tomorrow he will be reunited with Woody Hayes watching the game just like when they both coached.

    I wish his family the best.

    Jag- The players found out before they left this morning. They arrived here this afternoon, escorted by 4 motorcycle police, 8 police cars, and the high way shut down for them.
  9. my heart goes out to his family .. sorry for ur loss girls =(