BO At The Gym:(

  1. I did a quick search but couldn't find a thread. Please close if one exists.:tup:

    I just got back from the gym and this is the second time in a couple of weeks that I was put in this situation.
    I was on the elyptical machine and a large man got on the machine next to me. He had a strong body odor; a really strong odor.:tdown:
    I always feel embarrassed to get off the machine and switch to another machine just a few down or so.
    Has anyone had to deal with this, and if so how did you go about it?

    What is proper gym etiquette? Please share.
  2. Just breathe through your mouth and concentrate on the workout.

    People are supposed to sweat at the gym. You can't expect everybody to smell like flowers.
  3. BO's- not usually a case of just sweating BO is old sweat, I used to work in a gym it gets pretty stinky some days there where a couple of clients that had so serious BO issues. Unfortunatley there really isn't a nice way around any way you do it someone if going to feel uncomfortable
  4. I hate when that happens, usually I just leave as there is no nice way of telling someone "You smell" is there?
  5. Quite honestly, I'm usually the one with the BO so I feel sorry for whoever's within 10 feet of me.:push:

    My friend told me that there's a new deodorant, Secret Clinical (by Secret) that works wonders and has like 20% of the powerful stuff (instead of like 5% in the regular). It's about $8 for about 1/4 the amount.

    Not that I've bought any yet. I still have about 3 Costco-bought not-effective-enough regular Secret deodorant to burn through first.

    I think the idea of mouth-breathing is a good one.:tup: It's actually more efficient for air exchange during vigorous exercise anyway.
  6. The proper gym etiquette is to understand that you're in the gym and people smell. They're working out and breaking a monster sweat (if they're doing it right and not just there to scam the opposite sex) Bottom line: GYMS DO NOT SMELL GOOD!!!! If you want froo-froo, go to Curves. Pretty much, just move to another machine or deal with it. I know for a fact that I dont' smell too great in the gym but at the same time, I am there to bust a hump and make it happen! I don't care what I smell like! I find the chicks who show up all dolled up slathered in perfume to be far more annoying and nauseating than the people who smell like BO...cuz sweat and BO is what you're SUPPOSED to smell like in a gym!! I long miss the days of hard core training facilities and loathe the corporate BS clubs that hoard as many bodies in there as they can. They have no education and basically get in the way of those who are really trying to accomplish things!
  7. I would rather be working out next to a person with natural stink than someone who is wearing perfume or cologne, why do you need to wear perfume to the gym??
  8. Buy a nose mask. :smile:
  9. I hate smelling BO at the gym but I'd just ignore it. Just like I hate smelling a stinky bathroom, but it's part of using a public bathroom sometimes.
  10. This is true!:rolleyes:
    I'm far from a froofroo chick when it comes to my workouts. Come to think of it, I may be the stinky one at times.:nuts:
    I just had one of those situtations earlier this afternoon where the guy on the machine next to me had more of a unwashed musty sour smell, as opposed to a sweaty BO smell. I guess whenever I'm in that situation again, I'll just switch machines and not read to much into offending my hygenically challeged neighbor.:yes:
  11. Just switch machines. I understand that people smell while in the gym but that does not mean that I want to work out next to them. I just got a job working in a gym and whew sometimes I just have to stand back from some of the people.
  12. Just pretend there is something wrong with the machine that you are on and need to switch to one that "works." Fiddle around with some buttons and appear frustrated, give a sigh or groan and step off the machine, defeated. :idea:
  13. OR do a "training routine." Spend no more than 5 minutes next to him. When those five minutes are up, alternate by doing a little weight lifting or sit-ups or something to that effect, and then go back to your cardio workout for another five minutes or get on a completely different machine.

    You could also start coughing up a storm and have to take a break for some water, then start doing something else just to get away for a little while.
  14. This is a nice way to move away from the stinky culprit without letting on that he/she smells.

    ITA with most everyone - it's a gym, and people are sweating and it's smelly. Usually when I finish a hard cardio workout, it looks as if someone dumped a bucket of water on me. But no, it's sweat :nuts:

  15. oh man i hate when that happens...if its really bad i always wait a bit and leave...sorry but i'm not gonna breathe well through that.