BNY UPDATE on Box style still available

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  1. They have these colors left if anyone is looking for this discontinued style.

    Olive- fall '05
    Green(not sure which green)
  2. Also, last time I was at Barney's at Chestnut Hill, MA they had a lilac box.
  3. i'm thinking i need to get that truffle box..maybe?
  4. Thanks Powerpuff. I was about to post a question about this. How did you read our minds????
  5. I just called about the Olive, as I'm looking for a little somethin' in 05 Dark Olive, but the woman I spoke to said it was not really olive but a color they called Sage (she looked it up). But I don't see a Sage on the 05 swatch boards.

    Anyone have an idea what she's talking about? Does she mean Dolma?
  6. A Dolma box? :graucho: Yum. Ask for Daphne, she is the one that went and checked to see what they had. Apparently she was specific about the olive but not sure what the other green was.
  7. I'm just going to have to go down tomorrow afternoon and see what they have...talking to different people at BalNY seems to yield different results (it's so NOT supposed to be that way!) but if I go in say "I want to see ALL your Boxes" they should be able to comply.
  8. I ordered the truffle box from Daphne today...i had to express ship it, so I should have it tomorrow!!! yippy!
  9. I got the last Grenat box on Thurs.
  10. I just sent mine back to BalNY..was very disappointed in the color and mine looked used:sad: :sad:
  11. Ohhh a lilac box :drool:
  12. sage? i bet it was origan
  13. Mocean, I think you're looked like Origan, then there was a Forest and an Emerald, i believe...the only green I'm looking for is the 05 Dark Olive, though, so I passed.

    The Cornflower box was lovely...but I'm not a blue girl. Actually, I loved the Greige, but I'm afraid to get something so light...darker colors are better for me.