BNY second day shipping question??

  1. I ordered a black city over the weekend and requested 2 day shipping. It's Wednesday today and I have yet to receive my bag. The courier usually comes in the morning here. I'm in california by the way. Does anyone know if BNY usually ship bags out right away and also which courier do they use? I'm just getting anxious cause I've been awaiting the arrival of my new bag all day.
  2. in my experience with them, when i ordered on a friday and request net day, i usually get it on a saturday, so they are usually pretty prompt with their shipping. and if you requested 2 day, you should have gotten it by now. you should call you SA there and ask them to track the package for you.
  3. Thanks pooh-girl. I will try calling them now.
  4. Their packages, the ones to be sent out, are picked up by UPS everyday at around 4pm and from my experience has always gone out that very day I ordered.