BNY says no more pictures

  1. I was just talking to Daphne at BNY about getting a pink first. I loved my leather so much on the tomato first that she sent, I decided to get it there. I asked for a couple of photos and she said she can't since their camera is broken. But she also informed me that due to the amount of time it takes and the fact that they only have one computer than they all share, they will no longer be sending photos of bags out at all.

    Hmmmm...not sure how I feel about this. It might be another strike against them. I reluctantly had her send a pink first sight unseen. I hate the idea of having a $1000 store credit. I guess the alternative is to only buy from Saks or NM.
  2. That's really bad... It's hard enough to decide if you want a bag based on photos! :tdown: It wouldn't be a big deal if they allowed returns for a refund, but as you can only get store credit...
  3. Wow.

    I can't believe they would not offer that service.

    Esp with their limited return policy!!!

    YIKES :push:
  4. Eep.

    Best thing to do I guess would be to check out the clubhouse/reference library and research a bit before buying...

    The good thing is, you can always post for pictures and people will always answer! That's what I love about PF and why I joined! Lots of resourceful people... :tup:
  5. yeah but with bal leather it's nice to see the bag you're buying. Dont want to get stuck with crappy leather and/or 1500 store credit
  6. That's a good point. The leather's too variable. You'll need a good SA, then. I got lucky the first time. The bag sent to me had exactly the kind of leather I wanted...
  7. Wow. I know that they're very good at choosing bags according to the specifications that you give them and that the pics were usually kind of crappy anyway, but really, with no return policy, and the commision that they make on these bags, it seems a little unfair to refuse requests for pictures.

  8. How much commission do they make anyway?

  9. Oh good grief. :tdown: This is just idiotic.
  10. Grrr!! I think that's terrible. Not allowing returns usually dissuades me from buying in that store, and now this. It's like they're doing US a favor buy alowing us to buy from them. I"d much rather buy from Barney's, or a phone order from Neiman's. It may be more of a hassle to deal with the mail, but at least I'm not out $1000+ if I change my mind.
  11. I agree with my fellow Ohio PF member. Can't they afford to buy a frigging camera? Give me a break. These little lollipops that we buy cost over $1000 each (generally). And they can't send a photo...Lord help me. I need a good SA at NM or Barney's. Jeez!
  12. With all the money that Balenciaga makes, they can only afford one camera and one computer! I've only been to the store one time and there was no mad rush of customers. I think that there was only one other customer in the store besides me and my two friends. So I don't understand why taking pictures posed such a time constraint.

    I was not impressed by the sales staff at all! Yes, their bags are beautiful but their customer service stinks!
  13. That policy is really not going to help their sales. It would be a much better idea to get another computer. Not smart.
  14. I agree - no pics is a problem. I was in their store on Sunday and there was only one other customer and she was trying on clothes.

  15. ^^ ITA, totally lame!!!