BNY makes me mad

  1. I called BNY yesterday to what they had in pale pink. So I ask them to send me some photos and the guy sends me ONE photo. Ok. No big deal. I call back and ask for more. They never come. I call back and ask if they only have the one bag or more. He says they have three. I ask for more photos of all three. He says he will send them. They never come. I call back today and he says 'I didn't get around to it'. Ok. Fine. So he sends them today finally and he sends two photos of two bags, side by side (front and back). So I call to discuss them. During the course of the conversation I ask which one is the one he sent yesterday because it looks nice. He says that was a stock photo. WTF? They send out stock photos when you are thinking of buying a $1000+ bag? He never would have even told me if I hadn't specifically asked. So then I ask why he only sent pics of two bags and he says because the other bag was very dull and matte. Ok. Fine. I ask him about the leather quality of the two and he tells me Bag B is nicer. I say ok and ask more questions. It is like pulling teeth. I remember asking the same guy about leather quality a few months ago and he acted like I was crazy to ask such a question and that I had insulted his mother or something. I carefully asked if it was possible to get MORE photos considering I am thinking of buying something VERY expensive that, while it IS returnable, isn't refundable. He says " When I get time'. Ok. Now I don't think the world revolves around ME or anything like that. But HOW does THIS guy make a living at sales with this attitude?
  2. That's awful but if I were you I would work with someone else for sure and lose the guy with the attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have found a lot of SA's all over to be like this, it is very frustrating!

    My SA at the Chanel Boutique is AWESOME tho and gives me hope that there are still some who know the meaning of Customer Service :p
  4. Ask for Daphne I guarantee you that she will NOT treat you like that and she sends several pictures and she sends them fast. Then she calls to see what you think or you call her and she will discuss each bag with you.
  5. Ditto! She is very helpful and patient. She just worked we me in buying the most fabulous black city w/GH. She sent pictures, was very helpful and sweet in answering questions and giving her opinions, shipped same day for next day delivery. You will adore her. :yes:
  6. I'm sorry about your experience. When I've had trouble with SAs in the past, I often won't do business with that store anymore. Perhaps a manager should be made aware that an employee could potentially be damaging the store's reputation.
  7. I agree with everyone, ask for Daphne, Sarah or Joseph. People here who work with them all rave about the great service they get.
  8. Sorry to hear about such an awful frustrating experience. i never have to deal with them on the phone, i just go to the store. luckily i live nearby and in person everyone is much nicer.
  9. that's completely ridiculous! i admire your patience, because i certainly would have lost my temper and asked him if he works on commission...then asked if he makes enough to live on. :cursing:
  10. my advice is to find a better SA worthy of your patronage.
  11. I very much feel your pain. My guess is that because the bags practically sell themselves, customer service is not high on their priority list :sad: Very sad.
  12. Sorry that you had to go through the rigamarole with that SA! While I've not personally purchased anything from BalNY (not yet, anyway...), I've dealt with Kim at least 4 times, having her send me photos, asking about stock, putting me on the waitlist, etc., and she's been nothing but accommodating. Hope you're able to work with a better customer-oriented SA next time.
  13. i agree, Daphne is the best. great customer service, super nice and happy to help you get the best bag.
  14. Well, I know if I call and ask to speak to another SA and explain, they will give me back to him because they don't want to steal a commission so I probably would have to ask for the manager and explain what happened. By the way, I never got the additional photos today.
  15. I mean, on one hand, it's an awful experience and all. On the other, he's not really here to be able to defend his side. I've had my fair share of retail. I'm not implying that you are terrible or anyway at all! But it is a tough job and both the customer and the SA will sometime experience a negative experience.

    I would just hate for that particular SA to have a bad rep over one bad service experience.

    If anything, I hope that you would bring this up to his attention. And in that way he learns and grows from it.

    And everybody wins! :wlae: