BNY got the collection bags in today!! Anthracite, Sandstone---see PICS!

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  1. Daphne said they are still unpacking boxes, so not sure what all they got in. These were the first ones she pulled out. I love the sandstone. Not thrilled with the antracite or periwinkle, love the aqua of course. :smile:

    Aquamarine Giant:


    Sandstone First:


    Anthracite Work:


    Periwinkle Giant:

  2. DROOOL! i love all 4 colors! thanks so much for sharing!
  3. WOW! :drool: Thanks, powder, for posting those. I'm really liking these collection colors...
  4. I like the Sandstone and the Anthracite
  5. the texture on that sandstone looks so niceeeeeeee
  6. Thanks powder! I love periwinkle and aqua! :drool::drool:
  7. Ooooo thanks for the pixs, the anthracite looks quite green on my screen, I'm not sure now....
  8. thanks for the pics! you rock! :smile:
  9. WOW powder.... :nuts: you're the greatest :yahoo: ! Thank you so much for posting those beautiful, interesting pictures :love: !! I LOVE the aquamarine :heart: ... but with normal hardware only ;)
  10. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    OMG that Aquamarine in the work with GH is TDF!!! So gorgeous! I love how it looks like a deep sea green (with bluish hints) or blue with greenish hints. Looks like a way deeper substantial colour then I first thought. I actually like how the colour looks in this picture instead of the aquamarine day that was posted earlier. In this picture it looks definitely VERY different from 05 turq!

    oh my.. I wonder whether they'll have any left in a month when I can go to NYC in person!
  11. Thanks PP! I agree with you... not in love with Anthracite (I just wonder if it's prettier IRL) or Periwinkle. LOVE the Aquamarine, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it with the GH!
  12. Hi powderpuff100, that aquamarine looks gorgeous.. wonder hows the feel of the leather?? is it thick with little vein or thinner and veiny??
    i plan to purchase the twiggy aqua, however never touch the leather feel of this year balenciaga... thanks for your help!!!
  13. The leather on the aqua Hobo that I had was incredible. Thick, soft and smooshy. I sent it back and I'm getting a Twiggy or City in that color. I think I am going to get the sandstone in the new style Hobo with the GH.
  14. Why does everything look so green? The periwinkle sure looks greenish, as does anthracite. Certainly *not* what I expected after seeing those same colours on those quilted bags on atelier.naff.
  15. Thanks sooo much for the great photos!