BN2608 vs BN1801

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  1. Quick question for those who own the above
    Does the 2608 hold as much as an 1801? I don't tend to use either of the zippered sections of the 1801. Is there a long strap with the 2608 as well?
    I'm just trying to chose my next bag ....
    Either the 1801 in cameo
    Or the 2608 in tamaris and camelia pink

    I'm in my late 20s and only want to purchase things that won't date and look silly when I'm 50 :P

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  2. Hi, I am in my late twenties and am having the same dilemma. I like both cameo and tamaris. SA from Prada suggested Tamaris for special occasions and Cameo for everyday use. I like tamaris but I am afraid it will be difficult to match with outfit. Hope we have more suggestions on this!
  3. I'm in my early 30s and was debating between the orchidea pink and the cameo. Ended up with the cameo even though orchidea was love at first sight. I think cameo is a lovely color for any age and I know I made the right choice.
    Good luck on your decision!
  4. I'm thirty and I bought a prada bag in tamaris and absolutely love it. It's great for day and evening wear. I got the promenade crossbody. I use it as a top handle and crossbody, and I always get compliments. I find it ab absolutely gorgeous colour, and I would have kicked myself if I didn't get it. I find neutral shades to be around quite often, but limited edition colours like tamaris are hard to come by.

    Hope that helps. Let us know what you decide.
  5. Thanks for your opinion. I haven't decide yet as it is a really tough decision. Will keep u posted!
  6. I will need vote between cameo and tamaris...I am having different opinions on it and I am really confused. I just joined here so can't start a thread..I got a cameo for now but will have 2 weeks to exchange if I wish..Many thanks!!