BN2274 in Sabbia???

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  1. Hi everyone, I really really like the colour Sabbia but I have only seen it in the BN1786 on the forum and I really really want the long strap. Does anyone know if BN2274 or 1801 come in Sabbia or how I can get one?

  2. There is bn 1784 in sabbia at nm this the style with a long strap too, you can check not sure if they still do , but just make sure they send u a brand new bag !
  3. Hi thanks! Is 1784 with the double zip?
  4. No bn 1784 is one zipper bn 2274 is double zipper. I believe for bn 2274 they might hav the caramel color .
  5. Thanks! but I am looking for Sabbia, either in 1801 or 2274. Anyone knows if I can do a special order or if it even exists?