BN2274 in Argilla... does it exist??

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    Either my googling skills need some help or this bag is reclusive...

    Anyone know where I could source a BN2274 in Argilla? I'm in Sydney but both the Westfield and David Jones Prada stores told me they have never seen this model come through the stores before and are not expecting it to, nor do they do special orders. I also had friends check out Prada in Singapore and Hong Kong but to no avail. Willing to pay for shipping!


    (btw if anyone in Sydney is interested... DJs told me they are getting a shipment of caramel BN2274 next week)
  2. You can try calling Prada in Europe, they have much better stock compared to anywhere else in the world. Let me know if you need someone, I recently received the contact info of an SA in London who is willing to ship internationally.
  3. yes it exists! I own one. but I am really looking for sabbia in 1801 or 2274 but i don't think that exists and therefore settled for 2274 in argilla
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    BN2274 does exist in Argilla.
  5. Yes please!

    Thanks for the replies, at least I know there's still hope :smile:
  6. Hey! just wanted to know if you found the bag? I went to my local Prada store today and fell in love with the colour but in BN1786 and wanted it in the BN2274..the SA said he has never seen it either :sad:

    and luck?
  7. Nope, my boyfriend asked his friend in London to have a looksee as well (but I'm not sure which store she went to - the bf does not ask very discerning questions :rolleyes:) but didn't find one in BN2274 either. I was hoping to have more luck in the UK but seems like you haven't either!

    At this point I'm wondering whether to just get the BN1786 but still not quite ready to give up on my dream bag...
  8. I cant find it in BN1786 either! but im glad i cant because i reaaaally want it in BN2274. My SA told me they should expect more from italy and thats its a classic colour..not sure it thats true. I say stick with the BN2274 because its what you want :smile:

    Ill let you know if i come across any!
  9. I just got a call from a store in London (cant remember which one now because i left my number everywhere!) and they said the bag is available in europe (not in the uk though) and they can order it into the store! they said they'll contact me as soon as it arrives and i can go pick it up!

    So...try ask any of the stores in Europe or ask at the London stores if they can check for it in the Europe stores for you!

    Hope it works out :P
  10. My SA from San Francisco, CA says she's getting the Argilla BN2274, and is willing to ship internationally.

    Here's her # (646)226-5042
  11. I saw one here in perth australia.. I think it was argilla or mybe pommice (lighter grey)..
  12. I saw one in Rome this summer, so yes they do exist :smile:
  13. I saw two bn2274 in argilla at Neiman Marcus earlier today..
  14. ^^ I was at the Perth Prada store last Friday and was lucky as a batch of Black, Light Pink (not sure whats the name for it), & Argilla in BN2274. Its GORGEOUS!

    Went back to the Prada store again today, and it was sold out already. Black and Light Pink is whats left. She advised in Europe, its been completely sold out and all on backorder? Not sure if they are still taking it or not..

    Best bet is to call internationally. If you really want that colour and style, then go for it :biggrin: abs stunning!
    Best of Luck!
  15. My father has just come to Prada store in Chadstone, Melbourne to got one for me in Cameo a few hours ago and when I talked to the SA via the phone, she said she had that color you are looking for. I think you should ask if they can ship from Melb to Syd