BN1935 my first prada bag

  1. Hiyeeee...heres my first prada bag..
    The strap's kinda long for me, anyone knows if i can punch holes at boutique?

  2. Lovely :smile: Congratulations!
  3. Thanks! I managed to punch two holes at Prada boutique but its too long, im kinda short but the SA taught me to do a double strap hook..guess i'll have to use it that way! Lesson learnt when buying a prada :p
  4. Hi! Your does your bn1935 have gaps on stitching? Please see attached photosfor reference. Hope to hear from you soon thanks in advance!
    image-2023036896.jpg image-1570966229.jpg
  5. oh dear im sorry for the late message! mine have gaps on stitching but its all straight in line unlike urs, I can see that the gaps pretty wide.
    Take a look as attached!

  6. Now that is a gorgeous bag!

    Take the strap to a cobbler and have him add as many holes as you like. I always do this with my straps as I don't carry anything crossbody
  7. Can you teach me how to do your double strap hook please? If you're able to post a picture? I'm so short and ALWAYS have trouble with the straps. TIA!!