Bn1874 vs bn2274 ( peonia vs bruyere)

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  1. Anyone have a comparison Pic for the style bn 1874 and bn 2274? So far I were only seen the bn 1874 peonia in person . Peonia vs bruyere which color should I pick to special order ?
  2. I thought you already opened a thread here asking about this:

    It would be good if you can keep all of your questions together in one thread instead of opening a thread for every question you have, especially if they're all pretty much the same (i.e. asking about which colour bag you should buy). It starts to get really confusing and some people might have already answered your question in another thread. It is also really messy for the Prada subforum because now there are a bunch of threads with the same topic, which should be avoided. You can probably find other threads out there that compare Prada saffiano lux sizes.
  3. u r rit feel free to delete this one if you want . I actually forgot . And I'm looking for a comparison pic for bn1874 n bn2274 do you have one by any chance ?
  4. i want to know the compatison too :smile: is 1874 come with strip?
  5. Yes 1874 comes with strap! :smile: