BN1801 or BN2274

  1. which size do you prefer or recommend e.g. BN1801 or BN2274?

    FYI, im 5.2' tall and 55kg and i own a BN1802 in sabbia... Therefore, looking something smaller with detachable strap in FUOCO RED... :p
  2. 1801 I'm 5'5 and 120 lbs
  3. anymore comments.... thxxx luvprada for your comment...
  4. I am 5'1 /155cm
    I prefer bn2274 because it's slightly bigger, more roomy! I wanted to get a bn1801 (when there was no bn2274) because of the sholder strap, but cameo was out of stock in the whole uk and europe. Now I'm hoping to get a bn2274 in year end :p
  5. I prefer BN2274 :smile:
  6. 2274~love~
  7. 2274 all the way for me :smile:
  8. I"m 5'4, 110lbs. I've decided to get BN1801 afterall. I don't need to carry much stuff anyway.
  9. I find 1801 cute but I choose 2274 in the end coz it makes me look slimmer in comparison when I am carrying it. Ahem.
  10. I have a BN2274 and it comes with a strap too.