BN1786 Saffiano Lux Totes - Sabbia, Caramel, Argilla

  1. No problem, hope that she still can order one for you! Good luck!
  2. I took too long to decide and Joanna sold all the cacao ones. I am still dreaming about that color. I was going to get Argilla when cacao was sold out, kept changing my mind every few days (poor Joanna). In the end, I didn't get Argilla.
  3. Wow, these are gorgeous - congratulations on both bags!
  4. Fabulous colors, indeed! Thank you for sharing photos :smile:

    agreed! i'm 5'2" and i enjoy my BN1801 nero so very much! concerning size? i finally 'smoked over' the BN1802 closely and it is really rather large, too large (IMHO) for us 'height challenged' here on tpf ;o) but soooo roomy!

    personally, i don't unsnap my BN1801 because i enjoy the more classic shape the snaps afford. but if i ever need the room, i will :smile:

    and the two zippered compartments? they are not simply aesthetic for me. i use one to slide my 'naked' sunglasses into (it's lined and i refuse to carry their case) and the other to keep a simple lipstick: quick access-- whip it out like a derringer in a saloon ;o) LOL!

    Note: this week, i special ordered BN1801 in "Peonia" color. it takes 8 weeks from SCP boutique. SA didn't charge a premium (like NY said they would a couple of months earlier). and, SA encouraged me to flip through Prada's Saffiano Swatch-Sample Book to select the perfect color for me. so, if you've not seen the style you prefer in the particular color you love... special order your baby! and yes, i should have inquired with Joanne first... might could have gotten a better price(?) i dropped that ball.
  5. Hello> Do you think that I would be able to special order this bag in the caramel color? I know that this was a color from a previous season but I would really like it in this bag. When I asked Joanna in Hawaii about it, she said that this color was from a past season. She didn't mention anything about a special order or a swatch sample book. Do all of the stores have this? Thanks.
  6. I just love this tote.

    I saw someone carrying this today in black, and even though I had on my Birkin, I was


    I soo need one in a bright, funky colour.... Can't wait for my ban to be over.
  7. rracla: would u plsplspls do a reveal of your peonia BN1801 when it arrives?

    Actually i bought 2 sabbias, 1 caramel and 1 argilla from Italy in Nov last yr and I've sold all except 1 and kept the sabbia for myself. My heart was particularly aching when the I sold the caramel and argilla.. I'm still pining after them :sad:
  8. I emailed Joanna to order the tote in Argilla but as the color was discontinued in late February, and she wouldn't be able to special order it but I can special order it from other stores. So instead Joanna will try to special order the tote in Sabbia for me :biggrin: as it is an ongoing color of this season, she can order it. Does anyone have any model pics of the the in Sabbia that they can please share with me??

    Since caramel is from the previous season, she may not be able to special order it but your local store may be able to order one from the stores that currently have it.
  9. I am waiting patiently for my BN1801 Nero to be fedexed to me. Haha can't wait!
  10. To anyone that has a saffiano lux tote, can you tell me a little more about how the bag has held up after use? Does the shape hold up well?
  11. re-posting here, an update for saff lux totes from joanna, replenishments next week...

    Saffiano Lux
    BN1786 Fuoco (red), Nero (black) $1255
    BN1844 Nero, Argilla (grey) $1220 - 'Argilla is discontinued, so a surprise shipment!'
  12. Hi Ladies :smile: What are your thoughts on wrapping the handle with a hermes twilly scarf? I just bought a gray saffiano lux open tote over the weekend and the scarf would add pop of color...
  13. Hi!
    Love your bags, the colors are stunning. Just want to get one myself. Thinking of getting the Argilla but I wonder if the leather can get colortransfer from dark jeans or a dark jacket? And how much is the handle drop? Thankfull for help!
  14. Can someone tell me who Joanna is? I am new to Prada. And how come there is a difference in price?
  15. Joanna is a sales assistant who works in the Prada boutique in Hawaii. Different countries have different luxury taxes etc. that's why there's different pricing all over the world.:smile: