BMW X5 or Porsche Cayenne? (for my mom)

  1. Heyy buddiesss

    My mom had a BMW, got a honda, and now is gonna get a new car

    My dad wants her to get the BMW, (so do i...........i lovee bmws)

    and my mom is looking at the Porsche

    What do you thinkkk?
  2. DH has a brand new X5 and we absolutely love it!
  3. For a luxury SUV, I love the Lexus RX. May not be as flashy as the Porsche, but it's so plush. Out of the two you mentioned, I would go for the Porsche. I know it's like sacreligious on this forum, but I really don't like BMWs. They just don't have that cushy You should also look into the Mercedes GL class. Mom mom was going to trade in her RX for one last week, but fell in love with the CLS 55 so randomly got that instead!

    Good luck
  4. I go Porsche...I love love love BMW's, but the X5 is one of the cars they made that I don't parents wanted to get it but we changed our minds...just looks kinda boxy to me.

    I agree with Kam that Lexus and Mercedes also are good choices...I :heart: Mercedes!
  5. ^^ gonna get a mercedes for my 16th :] even though i love bmws to deathhh
  6. Porsche for sureee. I love Porsches so much! My favourite is the Cayman.
  7. Although I love BMW, I don't like the style of the X5 that much. And I have always loved the Porsche Cayenne, it's a beautiful car, I would definitely get the Porsche if I were your mom. Let us know what she decides. :smile:
  8. another vote for the Cayenne.
  9. cayenne gets my vote!
  10. I love SUVs and I used to have a Grand Cherokee myself which was an awesome vehicle... but I just can't stomach the cost of gas these days for them! So my vote would be the car that gets the best gas mileage, which is most likely the BMW (although don't get me wrong, I love Porsche cars, but in order for the Cayenne to have performance that is close to their smaller cars, I'm sure the gas mileage is abysmal).
  11. I have the X5 and LOVE it! BMW's are fantastic!
  12. Cayenne! Based solely on looks, though. I've never owned either.
  13. X5! Unless she's considering the Cayenne Turbo
  14. Recently had this debate with my husband about which he wanted, and he's pretty sure he likes the BMW better. Even though the Cayenne IS a Porsche, it's not quite as cushy as the X5, and unless you get the S version or higher, the pickup crappy, especially considering its family tree.

    Have her drive them both and decide.
  15. I love the X5. So my vote is for the beamer.