BMW vs. MB

  1. From my posts on this forum people must think that I lead a life of indecisivenes... yep thats me! :shame:

    So, what is everyone's thoughts on the BMW 3 Series vs. the Mercedes Benz C320? Thats not necessarily saying I will be purchasing either one in the near future ... well with me you never quite know! It depends on what they qoute me for a trade in.... and if I am ready to step out of my SUV. BUT....back to the topic at hand! Which one do you feel is the better purchase? Which one do you think looks better?

    I have already test driven both.... and that didnt really help me... :lol: I need my reliable ladies and gentlemen of tPF! :flowers: I really appreciate any feedback provided!

    ETA: Oops I forgot to mention that I am looking at the current model year. :Push:
  2. Lisa--I would def. do the 3-series. I think that it is alot cuter:smile:
  3. benz 320.

    buy a bmw, buy a toolbox.. bmw engine is bad after 30,000 miles.
  4. Thanks Couturegrl.... I saw a gorgeous white 3 series in a parking lot yesterday... they look fab!

  5. :lol:

    BMW = Break My Wallet...

    Dayum straight!!!
  6. :wtf: Oh My - thats not good! It would be a short term lease.... I am not sure if I would make it over the 30K mark but that would bother me. I already had one vehicle in the past have to be repurchased because it was a lemon I would hate to hate to go through that again.
  7. We had two BMWs both that ran over 100,000 miles.
  8. My ex drove a CLK. It constantly had little issues... my family has had several BMWs and have never had a problem with any of them. Aesthetically, I prefer the BMW.
  9. My best friend constantly has to trade in her bmw every 30,000 miles for a new one.

    I never have problems with my benzs.
  10. M3 all the way:love: if you dont have kids, if you have kids i'd go for a 330 :smile:

    Edited to add, my b/f drives a bmw and it has over 200K on.. runs great.Issues are wear parts, otherwise everything is great.
  11. personally. i dont like the 3 series. the new ones are nice but its not as nice as a 320 merc..
  12. The BMW is sexier, but the Benz is a better value IMO.
    We've owned both brands and the MB offers a better product and better service in my experience.
  13. Im on my third BMW.....LOVED THEM ALL....They are under warranty so it doesnt matter if you are leasing short term(repairs)..
    I now have a BMW SUV which I love too..But i miss the sedan sometimes...
  14. I love BMW. As for you needing a tool box...that must be her personal issue with a car if EVERY car she has she trades in at 30K mi. Mine is at 50K+ and runs like a dream. My bf had 200k+ and it runs fine (we both have 3 series).

    BMW drives better, looks better, and I think overall is better
  15. 3-series...although I am not as much of a fan of the e90 as i am of the e46.
    my bf is a 3-series addict! haha